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  1. Hey guys it’s my first year so I chose to go here to see if you think this is a fair trade. I’m in a 12 team Dynasty League. My solid players are good now but a couple of years will fall off so I’m trying to trade for the future. I’m offering Jrue Holiday and a 5th round pick for Zach LeVine and a 1st round pick. This a fair trade?
  2. Even though I'm not able to watch the Jets game, I'm encouraged by the number of targets in the first half. Already 70% of the way from last week's total of targets. I'm feeling great about my pickup.
  3. Carson seems like the better back for sure. Penny seemed too hesitant and didn’t fight for those extra yards. A couple of times he fell to the ground before he even got touched. We’ll see what happens but I sure hope Penny does better next week.
  4. Right. That’s what I’m wondering
  5. Alright guys. I feel that we’re taking this Guy not very seriously. He’s the 9th best fantasy player overall the last 14 days on Yahoo with 11 runs, 2 hr, 12 rbi, 4 sb while batting .328. Seems to be doing well at the top of the order. I feel that these little hot runs for a very young player can be a start of a breakout. What are your guy’s opinions?
  6. Hand pitched 1.2 innings last night so makes sense for Allen to get the save chance. Luckily (and not so luckily) I got both players but in a weekly league. Hopefully we’ll have a concrete answer as to who’s closing come fantasy playoff time.
  7. I think Jeffress will get the closer job since the manager likes Hader to be the long relief pitcher but if Hader gets it then he’s an automatic top 5 closer on my list. Either way, both are valuable and relevant at this point. Hader will definitely get saves here and there with a great K/9 ratio.
  8. Should I take this offer? My Giancarlo and Strop for Benintendi, Gary Sanchez, and McCullers
  9. Don't know what to think of Kluber come fantasy playoff time. He's been really inconsistent all year and just when you think he's back on track he follows up with 4 ER in 7 IP.
  10. I feel like this guy is under everyone’s radar. He’s been doing well and has been pretty consistent hitting .313 the past month. He’s hitting at the top of the lineup for the Padres which will get him lots of runs if he keeps hitting. What do you guys think of this? Is the 23 year old just hot?Does he deserved to be scooped up in a 12 team 5 x 5 fantasy league?
  11. What do you guys think of Kole Calhoun? He’s got a low babip but the line drive rate is pretty low and the hr/fb ratio is at 16%.
  12. 12 team standard 5 x 5 league: I’m in 2nd place but wanting to stock up on starting pitching. What trade can you guys think of for me Hitters are: Chirinos Aguilar Muncy J. Ramirez Andrus/Correa Stanton Choo G. Polanco Desmond Tim Anderson Kinsler Eloy Jimenez SPitchers are: Scherzer Severino Tanaka Pivetta Buehler RPitchers are: Cody Allen Yates LeClerc Strop Hader Hand J. Fry What should I do to deepen my SP??
  13. Do any trade moves hint that a team is likely going to call up top prospects in the near future? Guys like Guerrero Jr., Jimenez, etc.