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  1. If you can pull that off I’d do that trade 100%
  2. Pretty strong team, not the best possible team but it doesn’t have to be to win it all. Anything can happen in playoffs so if you make it there it’s definitely possible.
  3. Gallman and Walton can 100% be dropped. I’d hold AB, he’s an idiot but someone will give him a shot next year once he’s cooled off.
  4. I’d go Pascal and Ridley. I think Ridley pops off. That game is gonna be super high scoring.
  5. Toss up. Probably would go Andrews Vs the worse D.
  6. Ya you need a WR since AJ probably not coming back and Hilton hurt for at least another week. I’d do it.
  7. I’d go Gordon. He’s back on track.
  8. Armstead seems like a decent stash to me. Maybe Brian Hill if Ito keeps missing time.
  9. I’d go pascal. Should have a good game as the top receiving option vs Phins.
  10. 12 team, 0.5 ppr, WHIR Give: Gallup, A. Tate Get: Hilton My WRs MT, OBJ, ARob, Pascal
  11. Not overreacting. Just a typical response for someone who posts Hunt highlights from a year ago and expects the same player. He looked awful in preseason and that was before he got hurt.
  12. Yes I would 100%. Sutton would start right now for you.
  13. Sleeper relies on their mods to post news updates and they only have 2 and they're super lazy. Twitter is the best place for fast news.