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  1. I'd stay put with Cooper and Kelley. I think Cooper is over Moore and Kelley is over Hollywood.
  2. I'd rather have Julio and Dobbins as well. Go for it.
  3. I've never played superflex so idk the importance of 3 QBs. I feel like I would do this though. It would help out your RB core a lot.
  4. I like Shenault here. Behind him would be Hump until Brown is back, Djax after and then maybe Reagor for upside?
  5. I'd get Cam then as long as you can afford to lose Henderson.
  6. Yes correct. 2 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex So would start those 4 guys and then Hill and Edelman
  7. Ya I'd grab Fuller. Both injured but I think Fuller is better.
  8. SF dealing with some injuries so that's only real reason. Not sure they'll be as effective as before. They should stomp the Giants though and not have trouble vs Philly and Miami.
  9. Imo I'd rather stay with DJ. I think he's the best player in the deal.
  10. I'd go Robinson. He's legit and I trust him more than the other guys.
  11. I'd drop either, preferably Pollard. Kelley is just worth more
  12. I don't like it imo. I feel like you could get more for Robinson but I know it's hard with 2 QB leagues.