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  1. Is that how you wanted to hear it?
  2. Well it wasn’t the worst ankle injury I saw today.
  3. I can see Cooper being the one that doesn’t stick around.
  4. My guess is that it will just be throwing to the best option. With a big, except Dalton isn’t as averse to taking chances downfield. The effectiveness of the O line will probably dictate a lot.
  5. He’s been great. What’s concerning is how many dirty shots he’s taken. Is this juts rookie treatment? It’s at least 3 helmet to helmet shots. And the sideline comments the other game.
  6. Could be. It makes sense. But Cooper runs plenty of short routes as well. What kind of scares me is that Dalton has always been willing to throw downfield. And Gallup sure proved he can catch the difficult balls.
  7. It’d be funny if we’re both right and Wilson outsnapped them both.
  8. Who knows now with Dak out. Although it sure looks like they like Lamb better for red zone targets. From the standpoint, they actually have been calling plays for him.
  9. Are you sure about that? I thought Lamb was out on most of the Wilson snaps.
  10. He’s already got life altering wealth just from this year alone. But he’ll still get the 100+ million if he plays again. And if he doesn’t, you can be sure he has a major insurance policy like Cousins did when he played on the tag.
  11. How do you come up with that? He’s top 5 so far this season with all three games in top 12. I think.
  12. The easy answer to that is that they didn't know for sure. And if somehow his recovery went quickly, they'd have the option of playing him before 3 weeks.