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  1. In my keeper league, we can keep one player as long as they're not drafted in 1st three rounds. I was at the 3/4 turn and specially took Godwin at 3.12 and Montgomery at 4.1 just so I'd have my RB1 locked in for this next season. Hahaha...suckers.
  2. It's really just that simple. And regardless of what Jones owners think, Williams is not a bad RB. He does the same things as Jones but just not as good. And LeFleur probably understands that the difference between the two isn't so great that it's costing them regular season games by having a 60/40 split.
  3. I don't even need to know all the pieces. Anytime you can pull off a trade that brings Montgomery to your team, hit, "accept" and laugh all the way to the bank.
  4. I mean "quite justified" is pretty subjective. Of the ones you have ahead of him, I'd take Cooper over Beckham, Parker, Metcalf, and JuJu at the least. All of those guys have question marks imo that aren't any greater than Cooper's.
  5. Yeah...I understand that argument. And it seems like there are always excuses for Cooper. Lately being that he was injured during the back half last year. And I actually believe that one and I'm willing to take that chance once more if he falls. Not saying that he's a top 5 guy but 16 seems way too low.
  6. IDK. I think he's a safe pick as long as you're not reaching for him. Which would be gross. But he's pretty safe imo for an RB1 finish with some upside.
  7. The Godwin ranking raised one eyebrow for me. But looking at the rest of the list and thinking about it, I'm thinking that might be right. If he does continue the slot role like the previous years, Brady is going to target him at least 10 times a game. At least. And just ignoring the stats from last year and watching him play, he's truly a great WR. He makes unbelievable catches. And not just going up over someone but being able to snag a short inaccurate pass. Maybe someone will post it but there was a TD he had last year that I still don't understand how he caught it. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up the WR1 or 2 when the season's over. That being said, Cooper at 16 seems crazy. My eyebrow remains raised.
  8. Ok...I think I've got it now. If I did everything right, you should see a pic of a dinosaur serving a whiskey to a dwarf.
  9. test https://i.redd.it/nod33cv6qlg11.jpg
  10. Hey...PM me the code for that. Most sites are as easy as copy/paste and this one's not. I've been too lazy to see what I'm supposed to do.
  11. I've not been following his ADP (or anyone's lately). And it's a good point I just ignored. Am I seeing this right? 7th round? Ah...that's what I get for not reading the thread.
  12. The pic was too big to post. But go Google, "Melvin Gordon's skinny legs" and look at the images. Hard pass.