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  1. Any thoughts on where he'll get drafted next season? Had some great games when Williams and/or Adams was out. But also had some absolute duds that lost weeks. The Packers seem to be leaning on him in the playoffs but is that what LeFleur was planning all along? Split carries and conserve his usage during the regular season so he'll be fresh when it matters most. It's hard to argue with that strategy. But maybe next season, they aren't in a position to hold him back? Seems like he's a lock to be picked in the top 12 RB but unless I felt really good about my WR/TE, I'd have reservations with him being my RB1.
  2. I'd always avoided him because of the seemingly constant injuries. This last season, I convinced myself that he wasn't injury prone and he'd be fantastic with Baker. But once again, he apparently had nagging injuries all year. Combine that with Landry being another very good receiving option (especially in the redzone) and having a decent running game. I can't see me taking him as my WR1.
  3. actually my first post was a sarcastic response to this statement "It's funny how much credit we give to rings in one of the most team dominant sports in the world. Brady is more like Tim Duncan than Lebron. He's obviously great but in terms of talent, skill, and just flat out ability he clearly isn't on THAT level." Imo, Duncan is on that level. But then it was funny to me to think of a 5 foot Duncan or a 7 foot Nash.
  4. I like it. But what if he also had Webb's vertical? Lol at the thought of a 7'2" dude with tiny arms that can jump out of the gym. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd Photoshop something.
  5. Plus Duncan choked on the FT line in critical situations. It was maddening.
  6. Simone Biles is only 4'8". Is the "best ever"? I don't know.
  7. Moving the goalposts I see. Ok..what if Nash was still 6' but had a 7' wingspan? With his ball handling, passing, and 3 point shooting, he'd be the best ever when you add boards to that. On the other hand, let's leave Duncan at 7' but give him Spud Webb's arms. Or maybe Mark Price's. He wouldn't be perceived to be "fundamentally sound" at that point. I mean...my daughter's Upwards team was all fundamentally sound. But I'm not holding my breath for any of them to go pro. Because? None of them are 7' tall.
  8. Once again you missed my point. Tim Duncan was only good because he was TALL. There are some tall players that would still be good if they were short. And some short players that would still be good if they were tall. If Steve Nash would have been 7', he would have been unstoppable. Tim Duncan at 5'5"? Not so much.
  9. Top 50 of all time. What does that even mean? It's just a list for people who like lists. Guys like Duncan and Hakeem are consistently overrated. You think if Duncan was 5'5" he'd be an "all time great". I'm pretty sure if I was 6'11", we'd be talking about me in this thread. Actually not because we'd be comparing me in the Mahomes thread.
  10. No, I don't equate flashiness with being a great player. A lot of people like to crown guys like Jordan as "best ever" because they just see the high flying dunks. I'm not in that camp. Substance over style.
  11. without any context this struck me as funny
  12. If I just looked at stats and rings without watching the games, I'd probably have said Duncan is a top 20 player also. But I watch the games buddy. From Duncan's era, there's about 10-15 players I could swap out for Timmy and replicate his numbers and perceived hall of fame career. In fact, from the same draft, had the Spurs ended up with the #2 pick, we'd be comparing Brady to Keith Van Horn.
  13. Yes. “Neigh” like a horse. For emphasis.
  14. My point being that both guys are just good. Not great. And we really can’t even say for sure how good they are since we can’t evaluate them in different circumstances. But as an NBA fan, neigh, expert, I can pretty much tell you that Duncan would be just another tall dude had he played anywhere else. Noah level probably. And I think we can safely say the same about Brady.