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  1. 2 weeks for a sprained finger?.....s--- like this makes me miss players like Iverson even more
  2. Easily, yes... i like embid over Greek just by himself...
  3. the stat correction aspect sucks..its a good i do see ur point and for reference i played a team earlier this year that had a defense give them -4....all that being said, i say u play them...odds are they wont give u negative points
  4. just curious...what happened to that AxeElf guy who thought that anyone who didn't draft Deshaun Watson in the third round was doomed?
  5. Brown..his playoff schedule is fantastic
  6. Ha, yeah, he took a pitch from about the 15 or so, clear path to the endzone...pulled up at the two and took himself down....i guess, i shouldnt be greedy, i mean, neez, he dominated, like always...but, damn....still sucks
  7. his frikin act of charity cost me the win...
  8. Jeez..tough call..i know its late in the week..but, maybe try a 2-1 trade with someone to open a roster spot...or, depending on ur record...drop ur kicker for Kupp and continue to try to make some deals into the next week...