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  1. See title. Receivers have been very inconsistent and mediocre so looking for more of an alpha receiver. WRs: Chark, Devante Parker, Cooks, Slayton, and Mike Williams. RBs: Kamara, Drake, Swift, McKinnon, Damien Harris.
  2. With an MVP QB though, not Road Goff. Also, Jamal Adams didn't play
  3. So... are we down on him in the champ game? Stupid Renfrow and Derwin James..
  4. So everyone is fully informed, Higbee had 7 targets and like 50 yards on the last two drives in blowout garbage time (I watched the drives and just reaffirmed it by looking at the play-by-play). Cowboys gave up free 6 yard button hooks to the slot on the right side and just made the tackle immediately to keep the clock running. Goff essentially just threw to that position (either Higbee or Kupp) almost every play. Although he got double digit targets the prior game as well, that was against a team that was bad against the TE and without Everett siphoning snaps
  5. He doesn't have targets because he doesn't play.
  6. Struggling with the entire dang thing. Standard League. This is how I have it right now. QB: Tannehill WR: Hopkins WR: Davante Adams WR: Robert Woods (?) RB: Ekeler RB: James White (?) TE: Waller FLEX: Sterling Shepard (?) Bench: Higbee, Boone, Laird, Deebo, Kerryon Trying to figure out optimal lineup. Leaning towards benching Woods, throwing Sterling into his WR slot, and starting both Boone and I guess White .
  7. Maybe he wants to play so he can light up the Dolphins like everyone else, giving teams a nice reminder to open their wallets
  8. That last play should count as points allowed for the 49ers D correct? Yahoo still has their points allowed at the 21-27 range, rather than the 28-34 range
  9. Might score 100 points vs. Carolina rush defense
  10. Philly, Baltimore, or Houston? 2 points for sacks, 3 for turnovers