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  1. I have Chris Paddack in all four of my leagues. All keeper leagues. Two of them kept from last year. Please stay healthy.
  2. Yea, it is a 10-team league. For hitters in the draft I tried to get some steals because almost all my keepers were the same type of hitter, more power-based guys who are good for HR, RBI, and OPS (Bellinger, Lowrie, Muncy, etc.) so that's why I ended up with Villar and then hopping on Peraza and Hernandez hoping that would be enough to give me a shot for runs and SB's. I agree with pitching, though. It was weird because in most of my leagues, I'll use almost my entire bench on SP's and only have maybe one utility hitter on the bench (Brock Holt/Hernan Perez type guys) who I can plug in real quick if there's injuries. I'll fill all my "P" spots with RP's, and then just rotate in a ton of SP's during the week to rack up K's and W's (or QS in this league, I guess) and get 9-12 starts out of each week when I only have 2 SP spots. But with having every pitching spot be "P" I wasn't sure how best to set it up. Maybe I should have looked more at something RP heavy to focus on Holds, Saves, ERA, and WHIP, and just forget about QS and K's? Guess it just depends, really. If I'm at 10-10-9-9-1-1 for the pitching categories it is no different than being at 4, 5, or 6 for every category. I feel like with the way my staff is set up right now, it's possible I end up only maxing out at 5 or 6 in a stat or two and then being 3 or below in the rest of them, so I did very poorly on the pitching side, haha.
  3. Yea, I figured that is way too much to have left over. I think my issue was that, this being my first time, I watched guys go only 1 or 2 dollars over their "projected" or "average" draft amount, and I dismissed them. Guys like Jesus Aguilar who I think was projected for 14, and he got to 15 and ended up going for I think 16. When he could have been a guy at one of my Utility spots at the end of the day. But I was worried so much about not having money left over at the end that I just skipped over anyone even a dollar over what their projected value should be. Then, towards the end, I get guys like Newcomb, Meadows, Gausman, etc., guys I didn't nominate, just because their names popped up and I said "oh they're pretty decent I'll throw in for them, seems like good value." I definitely overestimated how much guys would cost as the draft went on. I agree with everything you said. I was thrown a little for a loop with this being the first time I've been in a league where all the pitching spots are exclusively just P spots, where you can break them up how you want. I started with Jeffress and McHugh already, but no closers, and the guys I really wanted as closers (Diaz and Vizcaino) ended up both going for over 15. Which I thought was too much. But I could have had them both with my 19 dollars left over and less money spent on Bregman! Haha. Was definitely a learning experience.
  4. Hello all - So this is my first year in this keeper league. Here are the details. It is the first time I've ever done an auction draft, and I thought it was pretty fun. But I think I made some mistakes being a rookie auction draft person. I ended up with 19 dollars left over and there were a lot of guys who I sat out on just because I thought they were 1 or 2 dollars over their value that I think I could have afforded to take and built a better team, but I guess we'll see how that turns out. I'm hoping to just get some input on where you guys think I might have made some mistakes and what kind of strategy I should try and use next season. I went in to the draft thinking that I wanted the best hitter and pitcher available, which I think I got, and then trying to pick wisely after that among who I thought would be "best" at the budget prices. So that's why I have a couple guys for big bucks, and then a whole lot of players at less than $5. I don't know if I might have been better off instead being more balanced, with 10ish guys at $15 a piece with a couple higher? I didn't really pay attention to the contract rules, which are just 3 years for every player except for a single draft pick who can be 5 years, as long as he has never played in MLB and makes his debut during the year you drafted him. With only eight keepers, I don't think it is worth it worrying about youth unless it is extreme youth, like Whitley/Luzardo/Paddack who I ended up taking. And that's why I didn't take guys who might not make their debuts this year like Joey Bart, who I am very, very high on. He would be a big dollar guy for me for next year's draft as long as nobody picks him up this year and he doesn't make his debut. Anywhere, here are the details of the league for anyone who wants to give me some advice on how it went. - Rotisserie League - Auction Draft - Hitting categories: Runs, Home Runs, RBIs, BA, OPS, SBs - Pitching categories: Quality Starts, Holds, Saves, Ks, ERA, WHIP. C-1B-2B-3B-SS-MI-CI-OF-OF-OF-OF-OF-UTIL-UTIL-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-BN-BN-BN-BN-DLDL - Keep up to 8 players. - There are no salary increases for kept players. Their salary will remain as either their drafted salary or their winning FAAB bid. - Players (drafted and picked up off of waivers) will have 3-year contracts. That means a player acquired in 2016 can be kept -- at most -- through 2018. - When a player is dropped, their contractual clock and salary restarts. -Trading a player does not reset their contract clock Starting with players drafted in the 2019 draft- a team may designate one of their eight keeper contracts as a rookie dynasty contract. This player MUST make their MLB debut during the season they are drafted. This player can be kept up to five consecutive years as opposed to the normal three. Only one dynasty contract is allowed per roster. Players on rookie dynasty contracts MUST be drafted or acquired by trade from a team that drafted them. So that's the details. Here is how the draft went... Total draft budget was 260. I kept the following: Zach Greinke ($11 - final year 2019) Cody Bellinger ($6 - final year 2019) Max Muncy ($2 - final year 2020) Joey Gallo ($11 - final year 2020) Yasmani Grandal ($2 - final year 2020) Jed Lowrie ($4 - final year 2020) Jeremy Jeffress ($1 - final year 2020) Colin McHugh ($1 - final year 2020) Which gave me a draft budget of $222 out of the possible $260. And here is how the draft worked out for me: Mookie Betts - $50 Jacob deGrom - $49 Alex Bregman - $32 Matt Carpenter - $17 Jonathan Villar - $12 Andrew McCutchen - $8 Cesar Hernandez - $2 Jose Peraza - $2 Archie Bradley - $2 Sean Newcomb - $3 Ryan Braun - $3 Kenta Maeda - $2 Matt Barnes - $3 Austin Meadows - $2 C.J. Cron - $3 Chris Paddack - $4 (5 year dynasty contract possibility) Kevin Gausman - $2 Forrest Whitley - $5 (5 year dynasty contract possibility) Ryan McMahon - $1 Jesus Luzardo - $1 (5 year dynasty contract possibility) Which left me with 19 dollars leftover. So that gives me the following roster: C - Yasmani Grandal (Will add a different catcher at some point) 1B - Max Muncy 2B - Jed Lowrie 3B - Alex Bregman SS - Jonathan Villar CI - Joey Gallo MI - Matt Carpenter OF - Cody Bellinger OF - Mookie Betts OF - Andrew McCutchen OF - Ryan Braun OF - Austin Meadows Util - Cesar Hernandez Util - Jose Peraza Bench - C.J. Cron Bench - Ryan McMahon P - Zack Greinke (SP) P - Jacob deGrom (SP) P - Sean Newcomb (SP) P - Kenta Maeda (SP) P - Chris Paddack (SP) P - Kevin Gausman (SP) P - Jeremy Jeffress (RP) P - Collin McHugh (RP) P - Archie Bradley (RP) P - Matt Barnes (RP) Bench - Forrest Whitley (SP) Bench - Jesus Luzardo (SP) The only guys I have to give up at the end of the season are Greinke and Bellinger. I feel like maybe I should have went for a more balanced approach since it is a Roto league and not H2H, rather than going for the big ticket items and then hoping for lottery tickets at the low prices.
  5. Forgot to include that this is not a PPR league. 25 yards passing per point. 10 yards rushing/receiving per point. 6 points for all TD's.
  6. What would be your guys' thoughts on this? 12 team keeper league, we keep 12 players each year, at least 2 of which have to be IDP's. My roster is currently: QB - Jared Goff, Andrew Luck, Derek Carr RB - Duke Johnson, Peyton Barber, Austin Ekeler, Latavius Murray, TJ Yeldon WR - Davante Adams, Tyler Lockett, Josh Gordon, Kelvin Benjamin, Alshon Jeffery TE - Jared Cook, David Njoku K - Stephen Gostkowski DEF - Streaming D - Lavonte David D - Demario Davis DB - Adoree' Jackson LB - Jaylon Smith LB - Deone Bucannon As you can see, my TE's aren't bad so far this year as I've been riding Cook. My WR's are already pretty bad, so that would be a downgrade, but Ajayi would be a big upgrade over what I have at RB, my weakest position. There's no limit to how long you can keep players. Just straight up 12 keepers for your first 12 picks. I'm thinking no just because the biggest piece of this, Gronk, might be out of the league by next year. I have been actively looking to trade one of my 3 QB's, but QB production has been pretty easy to come by and this is the first offer I've gotten for any of them.
  7. Just made the following trade: I gave: Mookie Betts I received: Freddie Freeman, Kyle Tucker, Justus Sheffield, Dee Gordon 12-team keeper league H2H R, H, HR, RBI, SB, TB, AVG W, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS
  8. Well, I think the guy is broken now. He just offered me this: Freddie Freeman Kyle Tucker Justus Sheffield Dee Gordon for Mookie Betts and that's it. I've gotta pull the trigger now, no?
  9. Hahaha, this guy won't quit. He has now offered: Freddie Freeman Scott Kingery Willy Adames Willson Contreras Shane Bieber for Mookie Betts Cody Bellinger Kurt Suzuki Chris Archer I'm still going to say no because Kingery and Adames are useless to me, but still. Intriguing.
  10. Didn't say that, just saying if Andujar is on the waiver/free agent list, and Stripling is involved in a trade, that seems weird. If someone told me Andujar was on the FA list in their league, I would assume Stripling isn't on a team either.
  11. lol. Guy declined, saying that I "threw away a good chance at rebuilding. Even with Betts, my last offer was well in your favor" lolololol. Oh well. Bye felicia.
  12. That might end up being what happens! I like Mookie and Freeman both as well, but it isn't worth it to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade. Thank you for the input!
  13. Thank you! Countered with what I mentioned to try and get some better value and see if he bites. I think I was undervaluing Betts compared to most previously.
  14. Thanks for your input! Countered with my idea, we'll see what happens.
  15. Seems like a weird league if Ross Stripling is involved in a trade and Andujar is on the wire...lol. You absolutely would need to get Acuna.