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  1. Isn't repairing MCL a multi month recovery process anyway? They have no reason to rush Oubre back this season too.
  2. We might all have some stupid takes throughout the season, but just know none of them are as stupid as this.
  3. If you're so upset then why are you even playing H2H then lmao. The luck factor along with the variance is a feature of the game. And it's good for banter between friends. There's a reason why roto exists. And eltoro isn't even talking about just drafting for schedule. You can always make trades during the season to get players with better playoffs schedules. At the end of the day, everyone who's played fantasy for a long enough time knows that **** HAPPENS.
  4. ITT: People calling players dealing with injuries as busts.
  5. Mikal is not as offensively versatile as Oubre is. He can't iso like Oubre did, so the extra shots he'll be getting are going to fluctuate since it'll mostly be from cuts, catch and shoots, and fast breaks.
  6. Imagine saying drop city every time Favors doesn't get 10-10 instead of just dropping him and not coming back to this thread. Jfc these "discussion" threads should just be renamed circlejerk.
  7. Felt like he was moving off the ball well, especially since he came from the Nuggets. DLO and James Johnson were ball stoppers today and killed any offensive rhythm.
  8. Lol there's literally no reason to panic. Monty usually staggers Oubre's minutes with Ayton because Diallo sucks, but with Ayton out and Diallo starting, their bench unit would become even more trash with zero ball handlers when Booker and Rubio are on the bench. If Oubre started, the second unit would've gotten run out the gym since they're undersized and have zero defense. My first thought when I saw Oubre was coming off the bench was that Monty believed having Johnson in the lineup from the start as a 3 point shooter could keep up with the Lakers, and then have Oubre off the bench when Rubio and/or Booker sit. And that's basically what happened. It's a fluke game because Ayton's out, there's no reason to worry Edit: And he was late to the team bus. Probably met up with Kendall Jenner
  9. So you'd rather take a 7 game sample size rather than the 100+ game sample size where Favors still got his rebounds and stocks next to Gobert? If you think Favor's is going to average 0.7 blocks the rest of the season go ahead and drop him. Lmao. And yes I'd rather have Favors than Bjelica. Bjelica doesn't have any consistency and the Kings rotation is a shitshow once all their bigs come back. I'd rather have a big that is reliable and has a carved out role with low double doubles, high FG%, and stocks than a PF that has unreliable shooting and minutes. If you're so unsure watch the actual games.
  10. I've mentioned this talking point a couple days ago in this thread. Yes, Zion does impact his overall rebounding numbers but on the court it's not as impactful as people are making it out to seem. The recent teams the pelicans have played are 3 point shooting teams which means longer rebounds and a lot of blowouts which meant they gave Jaxson Hayes more minutes to help him develop. That and he hasn't been able to get into his usual position down the post to be able to block shots near the rim. Let him get used to where he has to play off of Zion. Favors got his playing next to DPOY Gobert. Favors isn't a player you judge just by looking at the box scores once in while.
  11. So what exactly do you think Zion joining the lineup takes away from Favors? Favors averaged .586/.675/11.8/7.4/1.2/0.7/1.4/1.1 last year (rank 76) with the Jazz playing next to Gobert who averaged 13 rebounds last year. And that was with Favors dealing with nagging injuries last season. Favors knows how to play away from the ball and where to position himself. That's his bread and butter. Favors is the only competent big man on the Pelicans that provides good rim protection. If you think pace is going to be the issue, Favors was on the floor with Ingles and Rubio a lot last year where they would bump up the pace because that's how Rubio plays too. If you're in a points league, I can't say much, but Favors is not a cut in 9cat.
  12. RHJ has like zero court awareness Back on the floor though.
  13. I don't get why people don't tune into the game if they're that curious about how someone is instead of being asked to be spoonfed answers. Anyways Ish Smith still looks good. It's going to be a timeshare between Smith and Napier with whoever is hot getting more minutes. No way in hell are they both playing together. But the good thing is that Wizards play a high pace. When Beal was on the bench it's a whoever's PG + Rui show. In the end it's about what your team needs.
  14. Embiid gonna be the first first round pick to have two games below 10% shooting in a week