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  1. When is the exact super 2 deadline for Hiura?
  2. Is this a potential break out like Aguilar last year? He’s got great position eligibility MI/CO, I’m thinking he’s def worth an add in all leagues, what you guys think?
  3. Ok, what can we expect from him for the year (conservatively - not worst case/best case). 20 HR? 60 RBIs, .275 avg?
  4. Don’t think he’s anywhere near the talent of either of those guys (Merrifield is a stud and Anderson has been legit on fire). I think he’s a poor mans andrus (not bad, but not Merrifield level)
  5. What is the best conservative time frame for him to be called up? And if he gets called up, what position would make the most sense for him (DH)??
  6. How has his strikeouts been? I’ve heard that has always been an issue for him.
  7. Dude has been heating up batting .349, could he have a nice bounce back year?
  8. Who would be the closer there if not for LeClerc??
  9. Carpenter I wasn’t really thinking about, what makes you like him over the others you left out (Buehler, Bauer, etc)?
  10. I am curious why Bauer isn’t getting any love? He had a great year and is still young. Right now I’m leaning Torres, Buehler, Ohtani....but Bauer is very close to Ohtani since he’s going to be taking up my UT spot all year
  11. I was thinking about it myself. I might trade him and Ohtani or Torres for Trea Turner ($6) or Machado ($17). Turner isn’t as valuable in this league with the steals category only being 10 PTS vs all the other categories being 20 PTS.
  12. Do we have a date on when Vlad Jr will get the call up if everything goes status quo in spring training and AAA? Is there a specific date that TOR gains an extra year of arbitration?
  13. I would try to move Goldy at this point, he's 31 and i'm not sure St. Louis is going to pad his stats. I'm leaning towards you trading him and Albies/Thor for someone else So that you would keep (player you acquire in trade, preferably younger) Turner Nola Soto Thor/Eloy/Albies (depending who's left from the trade)