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  1. Consider the league filled. I'm in Jay.bircher@yahoo.com
  2. I will take the team - take a year or two to get it there but I’m game veteran dynasty GM here jay.bircher@yahoo.com
  3. I have always been interested in doing a devy league - count me in. NC State
  4. I’m also interested - been in fantasy for 8 years and on MFL for almost that long jay.bircher@yahoo.com 4802901410
  5. Sent you an email - will take The Texans jay.bircher@yahoo.com thanks for setting up this league up
  6. Any spots open? Which team? I am an active owner on MFL now. Prefer the third team above with Brady. jay.bircher@yahoo.com
  7. Still looking - I’m interested jay.bircher@yahoo.com