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  1. Watching this guy play is weird.. He has all the talent in the world, even dominating guys like Gilmore last season but for some weird reason he has never maximized it yet. What could be the issue here?
  2. Bruh titans offense hasnt had enough snaps on offense to do anything. The defense has flat out sucked and Pittsburgh has been controlling time of possesion. Watch the game and stop talking. You have no clue at all.
  3. King time. TD We are mastering the "give your fans multiple heart attack" victories.
  4. He’s just an idiot who couldn’t get his point across. He was saying the only time Henry is mixing it up and bullying people is when he gets to the second level or outside, which is obviously stupid as f--- as he ran through 3 defenders on the OT TD just this past Sunday.
  5. I would like to know what speed AJ hit on that 94 yd Henry had. AJ looked like CJ2K speed.
  6. If Im the Steelers DC what do i do??? Do i game plan for Henry or Tannehill? I think alot of DCs are making the mistake of focusing on trying to stop Henry and Tannehill is killing them on play action. As good as Henry is.... You try to stop Tannehill. He is absolutely killing the league right now.
  7. Mike Keith is so underrated and under appreciated as an announcer. He is definitely one of the all time great commentators and has one of the most recognizable voices in all of sports. Imo he should go in the pro football Hall of fame lol. I thought this video was pretty cool.
  8. If they erase them. Titans still have Smith, Humphries and Corey Davis. They are loaded on offense. The only way Titans lose is if Ryan Tannehill start playing like he did in Miami.
  9. ARI will be looking for another QB within the next two to three years max.