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  1. Lmao. Wtf is Arthur Smith doing? He should of called a pass play on that formation, that could of easily been damn near a TD.
  2. Are you just taking his normal yardage and cutting it in half? Big mistake, he gets the majority of his yardage in the second half Just repeating what your saying... but you missed what i said last sentence
  3. I gotta say KC's defense is holding Henry back better than I thought they would. I mean, he has 62 yards, but for him lately, that's a low number for one half. He DOES do a lot better in the 2nd half usually, they REALLY need to stop KC on the first drive, else this one could be done and over.
  4. That might be the icing on the cake. KC gets the ball in the second half and Titans are going to have to create a TO to even have a chance. You just cant play man against Mahomes, you play zone he kills you. Dean Pees is going to have to blitz more....
  5. You have no point. There was atleast 3 replays on three different plays were Davis was getting held. You were only to point out one play on AJ that he held. Case dismissed.
  6. What in the Blue Hell was #35 for the Titans doing? Tackle him, don't waltz with him. Vrable has to be livid. Was like five missed missed tackles and three by #35 alone.
  7. So one holding play to a guy thats been holding all game is the same? Okay.
  8. Finally a flag on that rookie CB thats been holding on Davis all game
  9. No penalty on the Corey Davis route. Referees want to see KC in the SB so bad.
  10. Tennessee Tits players need to play the best football of their careers to have a chance. Go Titans!
  11. Oh, he'll still get his carries...but it's going to be more of balance today than just the Henry show. Tennessee is going to have KC guessing and when they guess wrong, Tannehill is going vertical.
  12. Because the Chiefs are so over-prepared for Henry and committed to controlling the LOS, Tannehill is going to have a field day with those throws right behind the linebackers.
  13. Should I remind you of this? Earl Thomas talked that **** too and got stiffed armed to a whole new universe.