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  1. PFF is garbage. Not because of this, but in general. Made up stats.
  2. Ive been working with bunch of homer Lakers fan at my job site. Majority of them put KAJ as the 2nd best of all time behind Mike, wich is fair... but then they say Shaq is also a top 5 of all time. What are your thoughts? I think its pretty absurd to place him there. Shaq was dominate in his prime. He just didn't dominate at the end of his career. Probably played 4-5 seasons too many. He also could have dominated way more had he not been such a slap dick during the off season and early parts of the season. Thats why I don't think he belongs in the top 5. He could have easily been a top 5 all time player if he had wanted to be. So in terms of prime ability I could see the argument. Jordan, Kareem and Russell are mandatory top 5 IMO. Then there are another handful or so that could fill out the 4-5 spot. Lebron, Wilt, Magic, Kobe, Duncan, Bird, Shaq West, Robertson etc.
  3. 1. The full strength Durant/Steph/Klay/Draymond Warriors squad would beat every single championship Bulls team. No doubt in my mind about that. 2. If you want to just look at the East, I would easily take the Larry Brown coached Pistons (the ones who dethroned Kobe/Shaq/Malone/Payton), the 2006 Wade/Shaq Heat, and the Boston big 3 of KG/Pierce/Allen over any of the East teams that the Bulls faced in the 90s. The East not only had monsters in the 2000s, they had CHAMPIONS.
  4. Now Luc Mbah a Moute is returning to the fold after playing just 4 games in his second stint with the Clippers last season. He won't be the elite defender he was two seasons ago, but maybe he can provide decent minutes with the Rockets second unit, most likely at center. They will have a lot of options in their rotation besides their top 6 players: Harden, Westbrook, Covington, Tucker, Gordon, and House. Austin Rivers should be the 2nd player coming off the bench, while Ben McLemore has been a very pleasant surprise this season as well. D'Antoni said he will employ a 9-man rotation once play resumes, as he now has a lot more veteran depth to choose from since first arriving in Houston. Jeff Green played extremely well on offense after signing with the team in February. DeMarre Carroll also has playoff experience and is a tough defender. Now they have Mbah a Moute again, who was excellent on defense 2 seasons ago, the combination of him and Tucker was an outstanding defensive duo. Going 9-deep (or perhaps more) will make things much easier on the starters who wore down during the regular season after playing so many minutes.
  5. Brooklyn literally threw away $137M when they signed him last summer. He's even more impossible to trade right now than Chris Paul is. It's insane how people thought that he was going to bring the Celtics back to their championship ways, even with all the talent they had around him. And there's no way that Durant will be able to carry the Nets all by himself after suffering one of the worst injuries in sports. KD is no longer MVP material. Unless they can find away to shed some salaries from their payroll, they're already right up against the luxury tax next year. Kyrie will lead his new team to ruin.
  6. We gonna get to watch the Pats lose five times in primetime!
  7. They are absolutely dead this season. They have no running game and Jaret Stidtham is the QB. The defense is getting old too.
  8. Not a chance this team goes 9-7. Not a chance.
  9. Belicheat is going to tank for Lawrence.
  11. Finally got around to watching him. I watched UNC and South Carolina. A lot of things to like; good balance, obviously fast, decisive, looks to be situationally smart with knowing where the first down marker is. The bad is pass protection. He is downright soft in pass pro. Correctable. He just needs to want to do it. His effort without the ball in his hands is below average too. There were definitely a few times he hung his QB out to dry by just jogging as a check down when the QB was running for his life.
  12. Taylor in my opinion should have been a top 20 pick. He is the same size as Ezekiel Elliott, had a little better 40 time, vertical and broad jump. You can talk all you want about his o-line but no Alabama RB in the Nick Saban era had that high a yards per carry including the 2 Heisman winners.