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  1. Henry most likely wont win MVP because QBs get all the credit. All I care about is that he doesnt run out of gas in the playoffs because we have no SB chance without him.
  2. Tennessee has been a place where WRs don't have good careers. TN hasn't bad a good WR since Derek Mason. They finally found a good WR in AJ now. Finally.
  3. Generations? And he is the least power back of power backs he punishes defenders but he isn't trucking people like the backs you a talking about from generations ago. You show you never watched the others live, only on YouTube highlights. I am old enough to have watched all but Jim Brown. Earl would run through you but had the speed to outrun 95% of the players. Eric and Walter would lower their shoulder if they had to, but could more easily run around you. DHenry uses his stiff arm to knock people off instead of lowering his shoulder.
  4. We're witnessing hall of fame level / all time great caliber rushing from Derrick at the moment. Please do not take it for granted. He should be in MVP conversations.
  5. Minshew's dad was on 1010 earlier today. The RV trip is a 30 day one and Gardner has plans to visit various friends (mostly ex-college teammates) along the way, hit some suggested stops, and do some hunting and fishing during the trip. He mentioned Gardner does not own the RV, but is being given it to use for the period for doing some promotional stuff in return. It's stuff like this that will make it impossible for the Jags to even entertain the thought of Foles starting next year. There would be a massive revolt.