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  1. 3 HR's in his last 2 games - up to 30 on the year. Let's hope this is the beginning of another hot streak from Moose.
  2. Looks like Chad Green is opening for the Yankees today. Would be a great time for Loaisiga to make his return - anyone know if he will get innings tonight?
  3. Won't show too much in the stat sheet, but another huge game offensively for JD last night. Home run to break the ice early, but his most impressive AB was probably his last. Got down 0-2 with the bases loaded in a tie game, looked completely composed at the plate, and spit on an 0-2 slider for a deep, opposite field sac fly that ended up being a game winner.
  4. This guy should be getting way more buzz in fantasy circles. Statcast numbers off the charts and the playing time is finally starting to sort itself out.
  5. Grisham got the start against the RHP on coincidence because Cain got the breather for that one. Cain doesn't need that many days off. Grisham is likely there to serve notice to some of the struggling lineup guys - if the offense doesn't start clicking soon, I think that playing time will ramp up. I'm holding for now.
  6. I could get behind this change of scenery.
  7. The Astros are in a huge pickle with regards to the pitching staff for the next two days. Framber may get 5-6 innings regardless of performance because they're likely going to be in a bullpen game tomorrow. Sneed and Urquidy can't come back for a few days. Something to bear in mind if you're considering Framber tonight.
  8. I don't disagree on the discipline, but Alonso makes contact outside the zone at a clip over 60% and doesn't seem to sacrifice any power when chasing. That doesn't worry me in the slightest. I'm also not sure I can definitively say anyone has more power than Petey.
  9. Thanks a ton for this. I've been looking for something to push me to the other side of the fence on Crawford and this may have done it.
  10. Paid attention to the majority of his start. Umpire was really squeezing him on the edges of the zone. Not great when you're having to come towards the heart of the plate at Coors.
  11. I didn't hear that he'd be back this week. I said we'd be lucky if he was back this week.