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  1. I would pick him up on upside alone....especially in a 14 teamer
  2. Thanks guys....anyone else have an opinion?
  3. Without question but I doubt it gets accepted.
  4. Favors...Adams is also dealing with a lingering ankle issue.
  5. Great move...Embiid has monster upside and his injury history is worth the risk
  6. 12 team h2h keeper league- 9 cat. I seem to be hesitating on this and not sure that I should. I have held Mitch Rob with the idea that he will improve after the all star break. I am very center heavy though with Joker, Miles Turner, Thomas Bryant, Wendell Carter Jr, JJJ, DeAndre Jordan and Mitch Rob. I have never been a big fan of Russell and see him as risky due to trade and when Curry returns. Am I overthinking this? I can use scoring and 3's. I have tried to trade Turner but he has next to no value in the league. Thanks in advance
  7. I agree do the deal....my preference would be Booker but that might be a bias because I try to avoid Bulls players this year.
  8. I would keep JJJ...this guy is going to be a top 25 asset very shortly. Plus you have a punt assist team.
  9. I think Lowry...Toronto will lean on him and Siakam now that Kawhi is gone. Milwaukee has so many weapons.