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  1. You have a pretty nice squad. Hopefully Paxton will be healthy and productive following the additional layoff. For a 12 team league, pretty impressive. 😃
  2. I assume Acuna is going first overall, so I will take Mike Trout. I'm wondering who you think I should target in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. It is a points league so I was thinking going pitcher/pitcher. When I do mock drafts, the best arms available are usually Bieber and Strasburg. I am also considering taking Verlander here. Would you take these arms or snag another premium bat? Thanks in advance! Will help in Return!
  3. https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/60887/invitation?key=ec53c7c1d4ff4105&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=050545d00bc1375f Top 3 places paid. Best record and most points also paid. Draft is tonight at 7:30pm est!
  4. I agree with you that there are some question marks/concerns with all 3. If i'm looking for upside alone, i'd pray Cousins force feeds Thielen and he has a big day. I'd prob start Edelman 2nd, and Cooper Kupp 3rd. I'm not as worried about Edelman as some people this week. Still think he gets his production against a stingy bills defense. A lot of mouths to feed in that rams offense and Gerald Everett should take a few of the shorter targets away from Kupp. Good luck and thank you for responding to my post earlier! 😀
  5. I like Allen Robinson this week. I think Trubisky will be forced to throw and if he aint throwing to Anthony Miller, he'll be targeting his #1 A-Rob. I am also still hopeful for Edelman. I know Bills D is pretty good but Edelman should approach double digit targets like usual. Many of your options have good upside, but I might take chance on Will Fuller this week. He always has the change to pop off, and its been awhile since he's done so. No matter what you choose, good luck! I hope you win and appreciate you responding to my earlier post! 😀
  6. Who do you prefer in full ppr league? AJ Brown vs New Orleans and possible Marshon Lattimore matchup or Scary Terry McLaurin vs the NY Giants? Championship game, need some input! WHIR! Thanks!
  7. What are the chances Marlon Mack can outproduce Michael Thomas? 😀
  8. Hopefully good! I need a career game from Marlon Mack! 😀
  9. I am down 24 points. I have Brees and Mack. Opponent has Michael Thomas......that last second philly d touchdown may come back to haunt me!
  10. I have to decide if I flex James Conner or start Robby Anderson tonight vs Balt. Let me know what you think!