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  1. I’m possibly interested. What time and details?
  2. Hey im interested, my espn and leaguesafe emails are both
  3. Hey I’m interested, leagesafe email is
  4. Trying to get enough to draft a guillotine league tonight. $15 yahoo collected. It doesn’t fill in time will cancel league. -courtesy of fanball Here’s How a Guillotine League Works At the end of each week of the NFL season, two things happen: The bottom scoring team from that week gets eliminated from the league That team’s roster is dropped into the free agent pool. At the end of the season, the last team standing wins. Simple, right? Awesome, right?
  5. Hi, Id be interested in this. my sleeper username is jonathancef4
  6. Also interested and possibly have a 2nd too if you need. email address- What platform is this through?