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  1. For cbs fantasy baseball, many players (gennett, severino, lindor, etc) are not listed officially on the IL yet. Should this be expected to happen before games start today at 1?
  2. Search´╗┐ for league "hot stovers 2019" or msg me your email and I can send over invite. Platinum leagues are $99 to enter and winner gets $600 paid thru by CBS. All money is handled with them and not me ´╗┐ Daily lineups, 8 add/drops weekly Live draft 3/26 700pm est Nl/al I requested the other post be deleted bc I couldn't edit. First post I forgot to mention prize
  3. Been doing the annual cbs prize leagues two years now. Won my first last year and looking like I'll win one of the two I'm in this year. Used to the cbs interface so would prefer to probably stay there but would be open to read about leagues held elsewhere No interest in h2h I participate daily and would like to continue during the offseason this year
  4. I dropped Blake Parker for cmart... Scoschia is a very frustrating manager. He pulled Parker yesterday and didn't use him earlier in the week with plenty of rest. Hopeful Martinez will get more consistent looks as long as he doesn't blow up
  5. I'm not starting anybody against tb right now. I pretty much stream Pitchers against min, KC, cws, nym, balt
  6. Urena vs Mets or gray vs twins? Two bad lineups, streaming for k's and w's....
  7. I've got him as a fill in player. He has some good matchups coming up this week
  8. Has anyone officially dropped him yet? So close to just streaming people in his spot. I have carmago now whose eclipsed as my starting ss but somehow Correa always finds himself in the lineup with others having off days. I swear it's 0-4 with no runs or rbi every day
  9. Trouts injuries are flukes. Gotta take trout #1 no matter what until he shows he's not the #1 anymore. I traded for trout about a week before he jammed his wrist... Extremely frustrating (I got judge too the actual day before he broke his hand) but trout is most consistent, helps in all categories. I wouldn't worry about a 230 avg season all of a sudden Safety and security, can't really predict how will be #1 in points before the season starts but this guy clearly has the highest potential to be #1 His whole career the angels haven't had too intimidating of a Lineup and he's still done it