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  1. Anyone else think he is criminally underrated. I am not saying he will be top 10, but I think he should easily finish to 15. He is basically free now.
  2. I would try and trade Kupp for a Rb. I think Mt is top 3 ROS. I don't think Kupp will have a week like that again. Gurley got no rushing touchdowns last week. That is not sustainable.
  3. 0.5 ppr 12 team Tied for first 3-1 record. Playing the other 3-1 team in my division this week. Current team Qb. Stafford, Dalton Rb Gurley, Carlos Hyde, Chris Thompson, Kerryon Johnson, Derrick Henry WR Micheal Thomas, Calvin Ridley, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder TE Hooper IR Evan Engram Head Coach Rams ( 5 pts for win, -3 for loss) K Crosby D/St Texans I am worried that Chub will eventually move into Hydes job. Overall Rb not really a weakness for me, but I like staying ahead of the curve. I am thinking of dropping Derrick Henry. The only other 2 dropable I see are Jamison Crowder but I am shallow at WR. I could also drop my coach and go coachless. I could also drop hyde and pick up try to get Dede Westbrook or maybe Marquise Goodwin.
  4. Clement or Barber. I lean towards Barber as Jones is getting back into things.
  5. Package Morris and Evans for a 2:1 upgrade. Try for Julio or Micheal thomas or obj (if either of the owners needs a rb)
  6. I agree trade should not go through. If he had accepted it before the injury then it should stay. In the Pits brown scenario. The trade should go through. The trade offer was made after the injury. You always check for injury updates before hitting accept. (although thats still a dick move.) Same as picking Mckinnon after the news has broken. Its your responsibility as a drafter to check on players before you draft. You clearly understand this and that is why you did not complain. Yah it sucks.
  7. part of drafting is being able to abuse bad rankings by websites. If I remember using espn draft before you have the option to order by espn ranks and by adp. Maybe this has changed. In hindsight maybe being the commissioner you should have only taken one of the qb. sorry for the underlining. Some reason my tablet not letting me turn it off.
  8. Thats what I was thinking, I appreciate the feed back.
  9. We are allowed one keeper. 200$ budget. Kepers cots 5$ more then last year I cannot keep My RB1 from last year Melvin Gordon as he was my kepper the year before LeShean Mccoy will cost me too much $61. So will Lamar Miller $41 So I am basically looking at Josh Gordon for $5 or Marvin Jones Jr. for $6
  10. Then I would take the trade unless something happens to rojo in camp. You have 8 keepers better then him
  11. maybe my math is incorrect but 3.04 will have about pick 28 along with the 100 or so been kept. I think barber will have a lower adp 130 by the time the season starts. HIs ADp is about 150 in 0.5 ppr right now . It is already creeping up do to the first preseason game. He outperformed Jones. Jones is having catching and blocking issues. I would want a better trade or I would keep him.
  12. Ertz auction value right now is 17$ Engram is 9$. Do you have any other options? I dont find either too attractive. You can probably get a sevicable te for 2 dollars. If you have to take 1 I would take engram at the discount. I am not too worried about obj return. Engram was heavily covered last year as he was the nber 1 target. With a better running game. I expect hus catch rate will increase to offset his loss targets. He could easily increase his td output.