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  1. This could have been stated (and was) exactly a year ago. Then Henry was injured and Gated agreed to "not retire" just yet. Why give him grief for it. He did what the team asked.
  2. You see exactly the same, and worse, from plenty of players if you look for it. Shows his frustration after some plays. So what. If players could see fans on the couch, all they would see is bitching.
  3. Will again be fantasy value next season, with the potential to be even better IF Henry is healthy and his growing rapport with M Williams continues. Will also continue to be disliked IRL for some reason by some people. Humble family guy, plays with passion, loved by his teammates. Must be a jerk, right.
  4. I just hope it's not decided by suspect refereeing. But Pats play off game. Aaaand there's a flag.
  5. He cleverly turned down jobs before they were not offered to him.
  6. Sad that I have to quote this to show I scraped 50% with the teams I wanted to win, as opposed to who I thought would. Stoopid brain. On that basis, I will pick: Colts Rams Bolts Saints
  7. He's extremely talented if he literally jumps off the screen. That's a DC/Marvel movie worthy ability.
  8. Never underestimate the ability of any NFL team to not make an obviously smart decision. The proof of this, of course, are previous dumb decisions. Even if personnel changes occur, they don't guarantee improvement. We see this week after week, season after season.
  9. Heart Colts Hawks Bolts Bears Head Texans Girls Ravens Bears
  10. QB whisperer huh. When he didn't have Rodgers (or Favre), he was the OC of teams that had noticeably mediocre to down years during his tenure..
  11. I just wonder if he celebrated his throw for 30 seconds before commencing his tantrum.
  12. From RW : Coach Jay Gruden isn't sure if he'll be back with the Redskins in 2019. Gruden survived Black Monday but he seemed uncertain of his job status at the team's season-ending press conference, continually using phrases like, "if I'm still here" or "once I get the word." "I'm just waiting by the phone," he admitted. "If I’m fortunate enough to be here, I feel good about the nucleus of the players that we have." The Redskins have reached the playoffs just once in Gruden's five-year tenure and finished 7-9 this past season after starting the year 6-3. We're guessing the Redskins will give Gruden one more chance to turn things around in 2019, though another subpar year would likely cost him his job. Neither are we. But not so good about my team owner, who is a complete fruit loop.
  13. I'd suggest the following. Prepare to enter The Circle Of Death.