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  1. My guess is the doctor found something when he had his spring training physical. Or maybe Trey mentioned that he had been experiencing some symptoms. Definitely wishing him well. He's a genuinely good dude.
  2. You're right, some of this is panic induced, but that's largely because the people in positions of authority reacted just like you when this threat first presented itself back in January. If they would have taken proper measures like stocking up on testing kits, monitoring / limited international flights, etc. we wouldn't be in this position.
  3. I guarantee you a MUCH larger number of people have been infected. That's the problem. You can't quarantine people unless you shut things down. And a mild inconvenience seems like a very small price to pay to err on the side of caution.
  4. Most insurance companies have bumped the age up to 45 (for men). My cousin went in for a routine colonoscopy at 50 and ended up having to have a portion of of colon removed a week later then chemo after. Scary stuff and it motivated me to get one earlier (45). BTW, don't be a hero. Let them put you under. You won't remember a thing and the only thing that's a bit unpleasant is the pre-day prep.
  5. Assuming the MLB season is delayed will you delay your drafts or have them? I'm leaning towards delaying since so much can change, player/injury wise from one week to the next.
  6. They really should be playing ST games in empty ballparks RIGHT NOW while they mull over a final decision on the actual season. Delay seems like the only option. I can't imagine the owners willingly forfeiting revenue by playing empty stadium in-season games.
  7. Full disclosure (I'm an Orioles homer), but I love Hays this season. Great late round target and good bet for 20 / 15 if he can stay healthy. My biggest concern is that he plays the game so hard, especially on defense. Unless he gets a bit smarter about when to put his body on the line I have my doubts about him being able to make it through a full season.
  8. I think it's really interesting how the county seems to either be 1) completely in panic mode or 2) completely underestimating this thing. I was planning to attend a work / professional org event (indoors) on Saturday night with roughly 60-100, and just informed my employer that I would prefer not to go in light of what's going on. Keep in mind this event will include buffet style food, corn hole, and min-golf (i.e., lots of touching). I haven't really changed my daily routine, other than being a bit more diligent with the hand sanitizer, but this seemed like an unnecessary risk to me. I got the sense that my employer thought I was overreacting. Keep in mind my state (MD) already has 12 confirmed coronavirus cases and that doesn't even count DC and Northern VA which are really part of the metro area. All that said, I can't even imagine attending an indoor sporting event, concert, etc. over the next few months and I don't feel like I'm even on the panic end of the scale. It will be interesting to see how these teams lure people back to the games, even after the threat of exposure is gone. I think it might be a hard sell.
  9. I know this is a lazy question, but is Happ still 2B eligible in ESPN leagues? If he is and gets regular PT I don't see any reason why he can't at least be Paul DeJong 2.0.
  10. And if roughly 85% of your power typically comes from pulling the ball then teams tend to adjust...and implement shifts...pitch you away, etc. This has been fun (not really), but I'm done. Please contact my press secretary for any further Matt Olson inquiries
  11. I never argued that, but I think even with his upside the gaps pretty small given the lack of depth at 2B. It's really pretty atrocious after the Muncy / Moustakas tier.
  12. He's lowering the bar. Last week he said that Olson would be a .280+ hitter this season and that's largely why he drafted him 33rd overall in the forum mock draft. So, yes now it does seem like we're splitting hairs, but the divide was initially much greater. Just giving you some context (if you want it).
  13. We're talking about his 2020 ceiling. And if it's such a given then why are NONE of the projections sites buying him being able to hit over .260?
  14. I get it, but that Cleveland offense is BAD. Much worse then when Ramirez last eclipsed 100 RBIs and Runs.