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  1. I’d go with AP. Boone’s too risky IMO. Thoughts?
  2. I’d still stick Tannehill. Wentz would be my plan B. No chance I’d play Fitz. Thoughts?
  3. I like Washington and Kirk the most. Thoughts?
  4. I’d also go with Tannehill. Thoughts?
  5. I think Washington is probably the safest play. Thoughts?
  6. Don’t get cute. Eckler. 💯 Thoughts?
  7. Current scoring is below (image). I picked up Lewis this morning (with the news that Henry won't play) and am thinking about playing him over Sutton or AJ. Brown. Thoughts? Poll is below. Would appreciate comments or votes. TY!
  8. Agreed and like I said for me it's who you're starting him over. I personally put his value below the likes of Brown and Sutton, but I'm sure plenty of people would disagree.
  9. Must win mode? I think they probably hoped to make the playoffs going into the season, but they had no idea Jackson, Andrews, etc. would be this good. It's possible that he just needed a change or scenery, but I think Perriman had plenty of opportunities to prove himself.
  10. The Ravens typically haven't used a high draft pick on a WR so I'm not sure that's the best gauge. Aside from Hollywood (2019) and Perriman (2015) you have to go all the way back to 2005 (Clayton). They've hit on a very high percentage of their early round draft picks though.
  11. That is interesting, but I worry about his targets. I realize he's been behind Evans and/or Godwin most of the year, but even in his most productive week he was only targeted six times. And Arians has said he wants to get his TEs and RBs involved more in the passing game this week. I personally think Howard and Jones might be the real sleepers. I guess time will tell...
  12. Hey, it's all just a big guessing game. I'm not going to knock someone for their opinion. Go with your gut. For me, the real question is who you're starting him over.
  13. That's fine. Looks like the rain has moved to Sunday. Still doesn't move the needle much for me on Perriman.
  14. It's your team, do what you want, but it's not like the Raven's have a bad track record of assessing young talent. It speaks volumes that a team as devoid of WR talent as the Ravens let him walk.