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  1. We didn't quit grow up with smart phones, but I've certainly had one for 20+ years. Now if you were talking about 70+ year old league mates...
  2. Did you just unintentionally imply that people in their 40s are elderly? Shots fired my man!
  3. I think Moss is a sneaky under the radar add this week. Not many will target him, but I think he's quietly taking over the lead back role in Buffalo.
  4. On the flip side side, some owners are the exact opposite and offer you one sh*t trade after another. That's equally frustrating and frankly kind of sad to me. They just offer trade after trade after trade hoping to find that one owner who isn't as knowledgeable who accepts one of their one-sided offers. Then they passively aggressively post the terrible trade on a message board like this one hoping for people like us to sing their praises. A psychologist would have a field day with these owners.
  5. 1) I think part of it is the fact that most host sites offer free teams now. That has really diluted the waters in terms of active fantasy owners. Too many just show up for the draft then never check their team again. 2) I never understood the owners that just draft and refuse to make trades (or at least try to) throughout the season. I mean, what's the point of even playing in league with "real" people. Why not just draft and run a simulation? And I agree with you that people seem gun shy about making trades because they're so caught up in "winning" the trade. On the flip side, in multi-league years some owners seem to have too long of a memory when it comes to trading. For example, if they ended up on the wrong side of a trade with someone three years ago they're still hesitant to make a trade with that person. I just don't get that mentality. The one piece of advice I can offer everyone is to make sure you check the standings and the other team's construction before you offer them a trade. For example, if they're really thin at RB don't offer them a trade for their one good RB. Take the time to find trading partners that complement your strengths and weaknesses. Like the OP poster trade it's not about winning or losing a trade, it's about whether or not the trade makes your team better.
  6. Carson would be my favorite target. I also wouldn't trade one of your WRs. Trade two of those second tier RBs. They're all pretty comparable and you don't need all of them. As for Zeke, he seems to be trending in the wrong direction since the team is so bad. I spoke with someone earlier who said he'd take Taylor over him rest of season.
  7. I'm not that hot on Higgins, but Cole seems droppable to me.
  8. I'd try to turn two of Gibson, Montgomery, Swift and Bell into a high end RB. Target teams that have RBs on bye that need depth this week. For example, James Robinson has a bye this week. You could also target injured RBs like Sanders and Carson. We're getting into must win territory for a lot of these teams so someone might bite.
  9. Makes sense. My guess (just a hunch) is that I'll end up with Moss and Perine. Maybe Hyde if I'm lucky, but it doesn't sound like he's a lock to play. We'll see...
  10. Would Edmonds be at the top of your waiver list (in general). I know he won't help this week, but I do own Drak... Also, on the WR front I was thinking the same thing (i.e., waiting to see how my RB claims panned out then maybe signing one as a FA). 'Serviceable" is probably the right word to describe the FA WR options. I really don't think any of them (including Aiyuk) have long term staying power.
  11. There's a good back story. I picked him up, but didn't really need him since I had Drake. I ended up dropping him on Saturday morning for Antonio Brown. If I had known Mixon would miss two weeks I probably would have kept Gio. Hindsight...
  12. I did too, but I dropped him last week because I had a roster crunch with my kicker and D/S/T on bye.
  13. We have 1 and Mostert is on my IR. Since I have such a lower waiver priority my plan is to put in claims for everyone I listed, but only dropping Giants, Koo, and Slayton. So, for example, my claims might be dropping Giants / claiming Bernard AND dropping Giants claiming Hasty. If I get Bernard, then my Hasty claim will go away. I'm fine with that. I don't need all those players, just the best three I'm able to get. That's why it's so important for me to prioritize them correctly.
  14. I think I'd rather have Mark Andrews than Mike Evans.