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  1. I'll give you the first three, but Benintendi is an average offensive player at best. Getting Verdugo back will help, but my point is that's a very easy lineup to pitch around because there's such a significant drop off after the big three. The Red Sox and Blue Jays are going to be battling it out for third place this season.
  2. Everyone in Tier 2 has more power upside. Maybe you can bump Mondesi down a tier, but I think Bogaerts is pretty comparable to Torres and Machado. I personally don't buy the power spike AT ALL. Plus he'll have considerably less RBI opportunities without Mookie leading off. The Red Sox lineup this year, in general, is going to be pretty horrendous.
  3. What's the difference between Machado, Muncy, Donaldson, Moustaksas? I couldn't convince myself that there was one.
  4. I get that. I ranked Turner a bit higher because if things don't break well Sano will kill your batting average. You could certainly make an argument for him in Tier 4 though.
  5. ....a few updates. Alvarez just missed the Tier 2 cut for me. And I went deep because I'm assuming five OF leagues with a UTIL spot. TIER 1 - Acuna, Trout, Yellich, Bellinger, Betts TIER 2 - Soto, Harper, Martinez, Judge TIER 3 - Alvarez, Springer, Marte, Stanton, Blackmon, Bryant TIER 4 - Meadows, Jimenez, Marte, Merrifield, Ozuna, Rosario TIER 5 - Gallo, Cruz, Soler, Pham, Laureano, Robles, Robert TIER 6 - Mancini, Castellanos, Conforto, Kepler, McNeil, Brantley, Benintendi TIER 7 - Puig, Reyes, Schwarber, Calhoun, Upton, Mercado, Dahl, Smith, Buxton, Cain TIER 8 - Gurriel, Davis, Kingery, Dozier, McCutchen, Canha TIER 9 - Pederson, Renfroe, Senzel, Polanco, Hays, Edman, Eaton TIER 10 - Acquino, Tucker, Verdugo, Reynolds, Mazara, Yastremski, Adell
  6. Just a bit concerned about the ABs / playing time. The Pereza signing didn't help either.
  7. Tier 4 I think. He might run a bit more this year.
  8. Pretty deep. Even some of the tier 5 guys have some pretty big upside. Sano "could" be just as valuable as Alonso and Olson.
  9. Updated these too... TIER 1 - Arenado, Bregman, Ramirez TIER 2 - Devers, Rendon, Suarez, Bryant TIER 3 - Machado, Donaldson, Moncada, Chapman, Moustakas, Muncy TIER 4 - Guerrero, Escobar, Turner TIER 5 - LeMahiueu, McNeil, Sano, Gurriel TIER 6 - Davis, Santana, Andjuar, Dozier, KIngery, McMahon
  10. Really struggling with 2B (more so than the other positions), but I made some adjustments last night. Other than catcher I think this is the shallowest position. TIER 1 - Torres, Albies, Altuve, Marte, Hiura TIER 2 - Villar, Merrifield, LeMahiueu TIER 3 - Moustakas, Muncy, Escobar, McNeil TIER 4 - Biggio, Lux, Edman TIER 5 - McMahon, Lowe, Hampson, Odor, Newman
  11. Made some adjustments last night... TIER 1 - Bellinger, Freeman TIER 2 - Alonso, Olson TIER 3 - Rizzo, Bell, Goldy, Abreu TIER 4 - Mancini LeMahiueu, Muncy TIER 5 - Santana, Hoskins, Sano, Encarnacion TIER 6 - Gurriel, Voit, Santana, Walker, Nunez, Pederson, Hosmer
  12. Made some adjustments last night. I'll probably get some flack for bumping Bregman down, but if he regresses to 35 HRs (which I think he will) I think he's closer to tier 2 than tier 1. TIER 1 - Lindor, Story, Turner TIER 2 - Bregman, Tatis, Baez TIER 3 - Torres, Bogaerts, Machado, Mondesi TIER 4 - Villar, Semien, Correa, Bichette TIER 5 - Anderson, Seager, Polanco TIER 6 - Rosario, Segura, Gregorius, Andrus TIER 7 - DeJong, Newman, Swanson, Chavis
  13. If you don't like him, that's fine (we all have opinions), but most of the players on that list have just as many red flags as Torres.
  14. He strikes out at a very alarming rate. I think he'll be lucky to see 500 ABs with a healthy Joey Wendle back this season.
  15. He's definitely solid value. He's usually by break glass in case of emergencies 2B pick if I miss out on the others. I've found myself drafting Hiura quite a bit too because I think there's 15 - 20 SB upside to go along with that power. I also have no problem with folks drafting Torres around 30th overall. I think you're much better off taking him then taking a 3B that early. I'd rather end up with Torres and someone like J.Turner late then Rendon (or Devers) and someone like Lowe late.
  16. Devers had no more of a break out season then Torres. Torres was also much more of a highly touted prospect. There's not logic in believing in one and not the other. The majority of owners play in 10 team leagues. 3rd or 4th round in a 10 team league is between picks 20 and 40. Blackmon profiles to be comparable not really better. Better batting avg and more runs, but less HRs and RBIs. Harper isn't going after Torres (not sure why you keep citing Yahoo ADP. You might not "see" 2B as more shallow, but it is. Just look at someone like Biggio and see who's being drafted right around him at the other positions.
  17. Waiting on 2B because you think it's deep and saying Torres is overpriced/valued are two completely different things. I'd personally rather wait a few rounds and draft Hiura. That said, I think Torres' expected production is right in line with his ADP. He's in a great lineup, plays in a great home ballpark and should be hitting higher in the order this season. Plus a healthy Stanton and Judge should mean an uptick in either RBI or runs depending on where he bats.
  18. I'd argue that Yahoo is probably worst site to use for ADP, that's why i used FantasyPros Consensus ADP which does an average of all the major sites. Based on the consensus average Rendon is going 18th, Devers 23rd, and Torres 30th. And Devers hit .240 in 2018 so I'm not sure why he's any more likely than Torres to hit.300+ again after one good season. And you didn't address Rendon at all. The composite projections on Rotochamp has Torres outperforming both of them, even with a slight drop in batting average. And again at a much shallower position. So I'll ask this question again. If you think that Torres is going too early then give me a list of players you're going to draft ahead of him who you think will outperform him who don't have the same inherent risk. Because I don't see anyone who's being drafted after 30 who fits that profile. If you want wait and draft someone like K. Marte because you think he'll be just as good that's fine, but at 30 Torres with both 2B and SS eligibility is a perfectly fine value. Devers - .294 / 31 HR / 100 RBI / 101 Runs / 8 SB Rendon - .291 / 29 HR / 101 RBI / 95 Runs / 4 SB Torres - .277 / 36 HR / 101 RBI / 92 Runs / 9 SB
  19. ...and how is this argument any different for other players Devers and Rendon who are being drafted higher? If you can justify a late 2nd / early 3rd round price for either Devers or Rendon at arguably the deepest position (3B), but can't justify a late 3rd / early 4th round pick for Torres at one of the shallowest positions (2B) then it seems a bit hypocritical to me. Both players could just as easily regress to the numbers you suggested for Torres.
  20. Original post said the tiered rankings were for standard roto leagues. Thats batting avg, home runs, runs batting in, stolen bases, and runs. OBP leagues are completely different ballgame.
  21. They acquired him for his versatility and have said he's going to play everywhere. And according to the depth chart on he's their starting third baseman. I think you're really overstating his lineup concerns. The Marlins wouldn't have traded for him if they didn't intend to play him. And projections are just educated guesses. I'm pretty confident that if Villar gets 600 ABs he can be a 25 / 40 guy. Can Mondesi steal more bases? Sure, but he also might hit 15 less HRs. We just don't know...
  22. I like him as as middle infield option, but there's definitely some serious risk banking on him as your starting 2B in a shallow league. Especially if he can't get his batting avg. over .230.
  23. He's really not. That team is terrible and Villar will play everywhere. So even if the OF doesn't work out for him they'll find a way to get his bat in the lineup. And he's always been an accumulator. If he gets 600+ ABs he's going to be a 25 / 35 guy. He might not be the sexy pick, but he's a much safer pick than Mondesi.
  24. I'm worried about his playing time, but he's probably worth a flyer in a 12 team league.