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  1. Just curious you think may is > than gore? May doesn’t offer nearly the upside gore does imo , and may isn’t a strikeout pitcher
  2. Gore is the easy pick here, dude is the undisputed best pitching prospect in baseball and will start the season on the Padres. Think of it as having a Jesus Luzardo on waivers basically, and I think gore is better than Luzardo. Of course there will be some people saying but he may not make the team, well the padres had tatis and paddock make the team last spring and there highest was AA, so yeah given the circumstances in a shortened season and no minors , there’s a 99% he makes the team and the dude is filthy .
  3. You would have to think he is on the team with the window to win a championship is small with Morton being 37, snell acting like a crybaby about money as if he’s not already a millionaire, give the kid a hard look and see what he can accomplish
  4. That’s usually when they go off
  5. Will be funny when he’s a top 100 player this year
  6. One of the Most underrated players by far this year, until last year was a lock for 40 hrs, if they playing in Arizona Texas fl, oh boy he’s leaving one of the most biggest ballparks he really could end up leading the league in hrs easily , still has a **** without changing ball parks as he did it a few years ago
  7. According to Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald, Yasiel Puig has multiple contract offers on the table. The 29-year-old outfielder told Ebro, “I have offers on the table right now from other teams that aren’t the Marlins... they were one of the first teams to make me an offer but it wasn’t in my price range”. Puig also noted that it would be difficult for him to play in Miami, explaining "I asked for a little more money from Miami because playing in front of Cubans would be tough because they would expect me to go 5-5 every day." Puig is currently spending his time on a humanitarian mission -- helping the people of Miami battle the coronavirus and distributing food to hospital workers. As long as there's a Major League Baseball season in 2020, Puig fully intends to play.
  8. Why wouldent you pick up will Myers instead ? Same sb upside but with way more power? Same batting average? If games played in Arizona Myers value skyrockets with universal dh and way better hitters atmosphere
  9. Yeah he’s not signing with the marlins anymore, from what he’s saying
  10. Pretty sure has been a perennial top 75 pick even higher since he’s entered the league not sure your take on this , bottom line when he plays fantasy owners use him stop acting like he’s on waivers now because he sucks.
  11. Getting traded out of no where kinda sucks too , he obviously liked his teammates enough to get into a few brawls while on the reds. Just saying not every player adapts quickly in a new environment. Only reason he’s free or going so late in drafts is because he hadn’t or hasn’t signed yet, with him saying he has multiple offers on the table when everyone thought he had none because he don’t talk his business to all reporters preseason made his value plummet but he already said he fully intends to play this year
  12. Career 270ish hitter, hit 250 last year always good for a 20 something hrs season with 15 + sbs, very high on him this year with the lowest price tag ever so yeah , he will be playing with something to prove this year imo can’t wait , when his career averages same skill set as Acuña not as many’s hr or runs close to same average acuna 280 Puig 270 , yeah poor mans acuna , Puig hits for ok maybe slightly above average in career power, above average steals , and mediocre batting average . Acuna elite power, elite speed , mediocre batting average , same skill set just acuna has a more elite skill set
  13. Puig will get full time abs and go 25-30 hrs and 25+ sbs in zona this year
  14. Poor mans acuna isn’t crazy talk, key word “poor” and 22 hrs and 14 sbs in 373 abs isn’t brutal imo if he stayed a whole season in cincy that’s over 30 hrs with 28 sbs and a 250 average , def not brutal and yes cincy is a hr friendly park but so is Arizona, anyone that has potential for going 25/25 or more is valuable in fantasy