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  1. Dude my opponent had hoe, and drake I want to Chug the full bottle Of kettle one vodka and call out of work tomorrow , someone talk me out of it please
  2. Dude seriously get that garbage out of here man, you serious? This isn’t assistant coach forums dude. I just lost in my 2k buy in money league grand prize 12.5k .... from that Kenyan drake 70 yard td run in garbage time when he should t have even been on the field. this is VENT AND RANT !!
  3. Kingbury still had his starters in up 21 with 2 mins no timeouts for cowboys .... wtf ***** ridiculous drake just cost me my matchup lol don’t think I’m playing this game for a few years, lost last week by 2 points had Dak (Injury), Cook (injury), Ronald Jones (robbed of a td by refs). So 2 losses with worst luck I’ve ever had in fantasy. Btw this is a 2k buy in
  4. If the cardinals run their starters out there then kings bury needs to be fired
  5. Dude that was all off play action , have u seen him in the pocket he looks so uncomfortable
  6. Dude he’s playing the cowboys Hopkins has been wide dee several time but can’t expect him to throw his way when he can’t hit him for a quick slant and go at the 5 yard line ..... Murray is the most overrated passer in the nfl . Only big play he ever has is off play action but when he stays in the pocket he’s looks like a scared kitten puppy out there
  7. Murray throwing behind Hopkins yet again for the 6th time tonight , dude is no match for a team like the Steelers or ravens
  8. Gotta wonder honestly..... he’s purposely giving him **** throws that’s for sure . Murray is a weasle, looks like one too honestly
  9. It’s crazy it’s bad enough he was wide open in the beginning of the game and he missed him prolly because he’s 5 foot nothing but dam come on
  10. Quitting fantasy football , Hopkins in best matchup of the season not even getting quality targets ...... INSANE , the cowboys literally the worst passing defense in the league it’s crazy
  11. Where’s deandre Hopkins at ??? Last 2 games he’s getting garbage Throws from the Walmart version Russ Wilson ..... so sad
  12. Murray is trash 🗑 ant even complete passes too a stallion like Hopkins, crazy
  13. Mostert will be back out in the 3rd quarter nothing to worry about watch
  14. Is it me or when they get in the red zone Crowder just runs a slow route to the middle and stays put as if he’s just a sitting duck????? did it back to back 3rd and 4th Down possessions, like he’s the best short yardage receiver by far not sure why the draw up stupid plays like that