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  1. Mack, Boone easy 2 for me the 3rd is close between wash and a Jones , I’d lean wash just because his floor is way safer with it being .5 ppr and I can see Carr feeding him
  2. Chubb, Boone, Washington .5ppr
  3. Ravens for sure, mayfield is trash 🗑 and Darnold been playing way better
  4. Chubb vs ravens or Aj brown vs saints .5 ppr please help and thank you in advance
  5. Will never draft or trade for this dude again , that’s all folks , NEVER again
  6. Watson is way too streaky, he’s like the mike Evans of QB’s. Kills it against great defenses like the pats and then some how puts up horrible numbers vs a horrible defense , not to mention the bucs turned it over 5 times in the 1st half like how does he not have a td ........ most definitely will not be drafting next year I’ll take high floor guys like josh Allen all day long over this guy . He can can win you a week and he most definitely can lose you a week
  7. Looking back at it the 3 trades I made have gotten me to the championship, some were pure luck, I’m in the finals now will get at least $1500, if I win I’ll get $2500 1. Traded away my mark Ingram, Tyler Lockett, Tarik Cohen for Nick Chubb week 3 2. Traded away josh Jacobs and Darren Waller for Julio Jones week 5 ( I have kittle) 3. Traded away mike Evans and Kyler Murray for Deshaun Watson and Tyler Lockett
  8. Definitely understandable I’d be down on him too if I was out of it
  9. Not sure why people were so down on this matchup. -No Ridley -No Sherman - Julio always comes on strong last 3-4 games of the season Was a no brainer
  10. Lol A.J. brown is Tannehills favorite new toy, have you seen the other receivers on this team. Tannehill going to ride the Lamborghini over the Ford Focus, Saturn vue, and Prius. They in a must win game next week and if you think 🤔 he’s not going to be targeted heavily that’s on you but I’m starting with extreme confidence
  11. Dudes a monster with Ridley out, wait until next week dudes going to win my and some others the SHIP baby
  12. Yeah I mean Wilson didn’t throw a td last game and honestly the last 4 games he’s been average at best at QB so like you said with the playoffs approaching he’s going to pass a lot these next 3 weeks imo and yes they will run but not as much as people think