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  1. In all of my keeper leagues, we have to decide on our keepers before having the ability to make a trade. Typically our draft is the night before the first game of the season. Keepers are due four weeks before that date (yesterday actually). Trades can happen starting the day keepers are due. So you can only trade your keepers. My 7 keeper auction league we also get $200, and there is 12 teams. I am really suprised that Barkley would go for so much in your league. Around $60 is the average I feel like amongst leagues. I mean he is owned for $53 in my league, and RB's cost a lot. Your league seems un balanced to be totally honest. In all of my keeper leagues, we have to decide on our keepers before having the ability to make a trade. We also have the options to raise players to keep them for longer time. This guarantees the players will be at a fair price. For a 12 team league I would expect much larger rosters. Unless you are not sharing it all with us? No bench? Of course that guy would get last place if his only QB was Garoppolo who went down so early. All in all, I would not veto the trade, but I would give a vote for the other teams in your league (not including you or teams involved in deal). If more then 2/3's vote to cancel it. That is what you have to do.
  2. Its probably possible to get 2 or 3 of the 4. In my drafts at least so far Mahomes and Kelce have been pretty close to one another. Tyreek Hill right there too as well. These are all 12 team leagues though. I don't like stacking though so many players personally. The most I have done is Watson, Hopkins, and the Houston kicker. Though I had good backups for each though if something were to happen.
  3. I agree with the guy above. I would keep a receiver. However Curtis Samuel has the edge for me. Fitzgerald is 36, and just had the worst season of his career. There is not much upside for him and its expected to be his final season. Samuel played 87% of the Panthers snaps in the past 4 weeks of the season. Carolina let Funchess leave and with him gone there is no one really to replace Samuel. He looks like the WR2 right now. He proved last year when he was given the targets (which he will be this season), that he could produce. He is a sleeper. I would look to see if maybe that Edelman owner is interested in anything. Would he do maybe Edelman for your Peyton Barber and the 3.3 or 2.9 pick? I'm not exactly sure. Obviously Edelman is a lot better than keeping Samuel. So if you were to trade for him you would not be keeping Samuel. You can basically offer off those 6 players you plan not to keep and a pick for Edelman. About ESB, isn't he like the 3rd WR2 on the Packers? Has he even played yet? All in all, you have a nice team and I wish you luck this season.
  4. If he is able to stay healthy. Sure. All the WR core stuff does to Evan Engram, is create more downfield looks. Though I don't know if Eli Manning will even get the ball there to him. I don't think Daniel Jones would either. He won't be open much close range and will likely be double teamed and triple teamed often.
  5. Mike Williams for sure. As long as he is able to stay healthy and with Tyrell Williams gone we know Williams will be great for the Chargers. He was an elite touchdown producer in college and last season. Williams will be gaining a starting role and have more of a opportunity. Then I would keep Watson due to his high levels of upside and I really think he could be the QB1 following this season over Mahomes (I'm not kidding).
  6. Yeah format makes a difference here. Saquan of course is one keeper. The other it really depends on the format and what you value on your team. I really like Aaron Jones for this season, but Kittle is great and probably the safer and smarter choice here. Kerryon would be my 4th choice.
  7. I agree if you can get that 1.08 without having to give up your 2.01 I would do it, and then just keep Guice. Meaning you would be getting back the 1.08, 2.12, 5.08, and 9.01 in pick swaps for 3.02, 6.01, 9.08, and the 10.11. Basically its multiple upgrades all around the table. Honestly that is the only way I would do it though.
  8. The first one as much as I love Aaron Jones is a hard pass. The second one I don't view as an upgrade at all. Considering you need running I would not downgrade from Ingram to Miller. Mark Ingram on Baltimore could be really good playing a long side Justice Hill. Hell no on that third one, its a scam. I would not even respond to the first guy after those jokes he calls offers. If I am giving away McCaffrey I want David Johnson back along with Aaron Jones (a bit steep) or if not Jones at least Chris Carson. I mean if we look at projections McCaffrey alone is projected to get around 13-14 touchdowns combined catching and rushing. David Johnson is projected to get 9-10 touchdowns combined. Aaron Jones projected to get 7 touchdowns combined (Which is dumb to be honest considering he had 9 in only 8 starts last season). If in my league someone offered me two players not even top 20 in current rankings for a top 3 fantasy running back, once the season ended we would be looking for someone new. The final offer I would strongly consider though I would also first try and tweak the deal, before trading JuJu away for a TE upgrade and Jarvis Landry who does not really help you. Try shopping him in specific for one more good top 8-15 ranking running back. Someone like Leonard Fournette for example. JuJu last I checked was around 5th or 6th in WR rankings after his great sophmore year last season. With Antonio Brown gone JuJu is elevated to another level for this season. The Browns on the other hand added Odell Beckham this off season and Landry has never played with an alpha wide receiver in his career. Landry has always been a target hog and that will not be an option any more. I don't view him as a locked in WR2 anymore. Personally, I would counter offer the last guy JuJu Smith for Evan Engram & Stefon Diggs. Otherwise I walk away from that deal. Its likely he declines it instantly, but their is the off chance since he already has Kelce that he may just take it. You can evan throw Austin Hooper in the deal if need be. You can also add Marlon Mack instead of Landry or Diggs. Mack is a safe, high-floor RB2. And I also expect a good season from him.
  9. Oh yeah, for sure. Luckily here in Beverly Hills I come across of a lot of baseball and basketball players. The only football player I have actually ever seen here is Travis Kelce. I know that Watson was here a few weeks ago, but it was on my Saturday off.
  10. Also nice fantasy Baseball roster you have over there. Literally met 4 of the players within the last 10 days. Hill, Bellinger, and Buehler were at my work dropping off Buehler's car for repair and I got some pictures. Then I had gotten a locker room pass for the Astros vs Cardinals game and met Bregman.
  11. I'm glad that you decided to go with it. I think I would of done just about the same. I think that Winston should be at least similar value for this season as Murray would have been. Both of them are learning new offenses so it may take some time for each to mature and ultimately play well though considering Winston has more experience it should not take as long as it will for Murray. Winston is also on a contract season so he has plenty to prove. Hunt would of been a pain to deal with till he came back for sure. Good luck this season.
  12. Boyd > Coutee with or without AJ Green. AJ Green will just help create more space for Boyd in that offense so him being healthy is arguably better than him being not healthy for Boyd. Green likely will only miss the first three weeks at a maximum. Also Boyd last season was playing great even after Dalton went down. Now that Dalton is back and with new offensive coaches I feel he will be targeted a lot more and has a top 15 upside/ceiling. Coutee is nice, but we havn't really seen him play with Will Fuller. Considering Will Fuller is back now will Keke even get that many opportunites or start? Like the guy said above Ballage is better than Hunt for this season. Considering Hunt is suspended for what I believe is 8 games, and Ballage is on one of the worst teams in the NFL with two different quarter backs that likely will be rotating games throughout the season he should get a lot of carries. Looks like Ballage will over take Drake in Miami as well. Drake has not been able to meet his expectations and 1 week into training camp Ballage is getting all of the attention and not him. For these reasons I would go ahead and take that deal.
  13. I mean I would not even draft Mahomes in the first two rounds. I'd wait till Round 3 and possibly 4 to pull the trigger if he is still available. Surely, this season his numbers will go down a bit just about everywhere. Last season was not a aberration or a fluke, but the odds of it being repeated this year is slim to none. Obviously he is still the QB 1 and will finish as the QB 1, but the reason last season his owners won their leagues were because he was the QB 9 - 12 in most drafts. If it meant I ended up with McCaffrey or Hopkins or Kamara instead and I could still have ended up with Mahomes later or ended up with someone like Watson who will finally be at full health and with Fuller back I would be pretty angry at my self and not still trying to defend my opinion. Now that you know you could have waited longer on Mahomes for the future I am sure your drafts will be better and you will be more patient. I'm curious to know what round did the 2nd QB (hopefully Watson or Luck) go for in your 1st draft? I'm assuming between 4th and 6th. All in all, good luck this season. I hope you prove me and everyone else wrong, and pull out with a win. I will come back here towards the end of the season and I hope for an update. Note: I did not read the previous 4 pages. Only the 1st post.
  14. Considering the odds are that Fuller does not stay healthy. Also that he has not had more than a 650 yard season in his 3 year career. I can see him finishing around 800 yards with 5-7 touchdowns, but that is if he is even able to play 10 full games. If the line in Houston has improved then Watson will be throwing deep to Hopkins and Fuller and Coutee probably on short routes. Houston can be a good team this season offensively, and of course defensively. Fuller will likely be more around 30-20 at the end of the season if he stays some what healthy throughout. The top 15 receievers is basically already set to be honest in no specific order. Only Stefon Diggs and Boyd I can see climbing from the top 20 up to top 15 even. Dante Pettis has more of a shot then Will Fuller as well considering he is basically all alone in San Francisco as the WR1 with Garoppolo back.