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  1. Any updates on when the season might start?
  2. Keeper league, we still are on Monday, kinda pointless b/c they won't play or will only play half season, trying to decide on strategy, might take a lot of young players i could keep next year, luzardo robert etc
  3. Do they play at all this year? What's your guesses? I guess they start 2 months late or not at all.
  4. Keeper league: I'm kinda wanting to get Luis Robert just in case he's the next big thing.
  5. What about as a counter - Acuna and 2 18th rd picks for his Walker Buehler and his 2 first round picks?
  6. 10 team H2H, 6 keepers per team, my team: Acuna, Soto, K Marte, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom offer = my Acuna for his Baez, 1st and 2nd rd picks (after keepers this equates to pick 65 and 77). I already have 2 first and 1 second round picks. Every year, we can keep 6 players, doesn't matter where they were drafted, can keep them forever. Obviously leaning no, b/c, Acuna, but wanted to ask around first
  7. I feel it is easier to fill OF3 and 2 UTIL spots by streaming or just getting lucky in FA over legit SPs. For instance, last year I picked up Josh Bell, Ketel Marte, Bo Bichette on FA. I do really want Robert though, and feel I may need to take him #2 since someone may taken him 3-8. Then I could go SP/SP.
  8. That would be nice, however I have 2nd 9th and 12th picks and I highly assume all those guys won't all be there at 9 and 12. One guy has 5th and 6th picks and ZERO SP kept. 1st overall is going to take SP. I think it will be SP heavy round 1. Top 10 Yahoo ranked pitchers that I could probably get in some combination at 9 and 12 = Castillo, Giolito, Darvish, Syndergaard, Clevinger, Glasnow, Greinke, Berrios, Bauer, Woodruff,
  9. How would you draft first 2 rounds if this was your keeper team? Yahoo H2H 10 team league. R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS & W/SV/K/ERA/WHIP Keepers (entire league kept 46 hitters, 14 SP) C - 1B- 2B - Ketel Marte SS - Bo Bichette 3B - Rendon OF1 - Acuna OF2 - Soto OF3 - Util- Util- SP1 - deGrom I have picks 2, 9, 12 in the draft (after keepers) no 3rd round, and no 5th round, then 2 6th round picks... Players I'm considering top 12: SP: Giolito, Castillo, Clevinger, Glasnow, Greinke, Berrios (this tier of pitchers and a few others in this area available) RP: Hader, Yates Batters: Blackmon, Abreu, Eloy, Robert, LeMahieu Option 1: Charlie Blackmon, SP, SP Option 2: Top SP, RP, RP (if available) Option 3: SP, SP, SP Option 4: Top SP, Robert, Top P Option 5: Fill up the offense (best hitters) OTHER strategy?
  10. Do you have any analysis on why he should be taken in the 60s or 70s over Hoskins/Mancini/Bell a couple rounds later?
  11. Keeper league - around 6 1b have been kept, I have none. Best available is LeMahieu, Abreu, Grandal, Bell, Hoskins I am mostly interested in perspectives on LeMahieu, if he would be work a pick in the 60s of a H2H league. Or should I just wait and get someone around pick 130-150.
  12. deGrom keeper, should have a choice between Clevinger, Castillo, Giolioto, Glasnow, Berrios Are they all relatively equal or are there clear favorites? (W/K/ERA/WHIP) << Stats for SPs in my league.
  13. I'm sure nobody cares but I traded Snell for #9 overall and a swap of 6th and 9th rounders in my favor. Now I keep Bichette and have picks 2, 9, 12 in a 10 team, not too bad.
  14. Bichette would be my 6th player...that makes...Ketel Marte my 5th player...want me to drop Marte for Eloy?
  15. The thing is I have Eloy and Snell on my team now but can only keep 6 players...Tried to trade Eloy but no luck so far, so I would not be able to pick snell 1 or 2, but potentially someone like clevinger and i kinda want Robert but may try and wait until pick 12 (72) to snag him.
  16. new situation, i can trade Snell for #1 overall pick (pick 61), and i also have overall pick #2.i don't have a 3rd or 5th round pick due to trades. Team A Acuna, Soto, Marte, Rendon, deGrom, Bichette (1st and 2nd overall pick) Team B Acuna Soto Marte Rendon deGrom Snell (2nd overall pick)
  17. Abreau, Anderson, Gallen, Morton, Yates, i don't know
  18. 6 keepers: Acuna, Soto, Rendon, K Marte, deGrom and Snell injured (somewhat) unsure how it will play out, and I can keep Bo BIchette or Eloy instead of Snell...I have 2 days to set my keepers. HELP!
  19. now, do you think he is good enough to draft in that first round pick 62 if the keeper league expands to 7 players for next year? or should i take a solid SP, a 15-20th ranked SP? Also, I do have Acuna and Soto so I could dominate the OF for years to come if Robert is legit.
  20. Drafting in a keeper league soon, unfortunately only 6 keepers, but which of those 3 players would you take a shot on in a keeper league? They will both be available at pick 61 where the draft starts...
  21. I don't know that I can sell him - maybe, but he would be one of my 6 keepers (new keeper league started last year) I can't imagine not keeping him, meaning more or less he is not a top 60 player...
  22. My league is 10 teams 6 keepers so that's saying you wouldn't keep Rendon as a top-60 pick which seems absurd considering last year he was drafted mid/late 30s and blew up. I just can't see how I would take another guy over him like Eloy/Bo...even though they are so young, still I feel Rendon should have a good handful of years left...
  23. 2017 and 2018 he hit .301 and .308, last year hit .319 HRS went from 24/25 to 34, RBI from 92/100 to 126 He was 6th and 11th place in MVP voting in 2017 and 2018...last year 3rd I see he did about 10-15% better last year the the previous couple years but do we really think he crashes below what he did his age 27, 28 seasons???