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  1. redraft, i was offered Freeman for Abreu and Corbin...
  2. 10 team, H2H league, R/RBI/HR/SB/AVG/OPS W/SV/K/ERA/WHIP C - Navarez 1B - Abreu 2B - Albies SS - Villar/Machado 3B - Moncada/Machado OF - Betts, Springer, Robert, Mercado UTIL - Hiura UTIL - Kendrick, Machado SP - Clevinger, Giolito, Corbin, Gallen, Lynn, McCullers, Stripling, Ohtani, CMart, Hill, Manaea RP - Britton, Helsley (punt saves was my strategy) I'm not sure what my strategy should be with this team
  3. Didn't draft C, so, pick up Kiner Falefa, Narvaez, Monlina? 10 team league so only top 10 catchers gone. I can drop O Mercado, Manaea
  4. Anyone have good $ rankings for a 10 team league? I found some on Razzball that are recent but those player prices, at least for the top players, are a good amount lower than all the mocks I've done. They have a top price of $45 for Acuna/Bellinger, but in all my mocks the top 3-4 guys were all minimum $50. Would these be accurate? Just trying to figure out a good starting point since I have never done auction before and this week I draft...thanks guys.
  5. Starting a new league and wondering how waiver priority appears after week 1? I understand how waivers work, just wondering if it's completely random who gets waiver 1 to start the season? Is it maybe 12 (last) pick in the draft or something else?
  6. have my first auction ever next week and while Yahoo (our service) has auction mocks, there are very few people in them. any recommendations?
  7. So it looks like no way to do this i guess. We will probably just do h2h, b/c points wouldnt be quite as "fun"
  8. hope this is the right place - 12 team league Yahoo, looking for ways to make experience better I always hated scoring 150 but losing to someone who scored slightly higher, all the while your 150 pts was actually 2nd best in the whole league you have teams scoring 100 pts getting the W b/c they played someone who scored 91... Wanting to make it more fair, but so far all i can find is "H2H" or "Points league" Any hope to do this?
  9. Any updates on when the season might start?
  10. Keeper league, we still are on Monday, kinda pointless b/c they won't play or will only play half season, trying to decide on strategy, might take a lot of young players i could keep next year, luzardo robert etc
  11. Do they play at all this year? What's your guesses? I guess they start 2 months late or not at all.
  12. Keeper league: I'm kinda wanting to get Luis Robert just in case he's the next big thing.
  13. What about as a counter - Acuna and 2 18th rd picks for his Walker Buehler and his 2 first round picks?
  14. 10 team H2H, 6 keepers per team, my team: Acuna, Soto, K Marte, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom offer = my Acuna for his Baez, 1st and 2nd rd picks (after keepers this equates to pick 65 and 77). I already have 2 first and 1 second round picks. Every year, we can keep 6 players, doesn't matter where they were drafted, can keep them forever. Obviously leaning no, b/c, Acuna, but wanted to ask around first
  15. I feel it is easier to fill OF3 and 2 UTIL spots by streaming or just getting lucky in FA over legit SPs. For instance, last year I picked up Josh Bell, Ketel Marte, Bo Bichette on FA. I do really want Robert though, and feel I may need to take him #2 since someone may taken him 3-8. Then I could go SP/SP.
  16. That would be nice, however I have 2nd 9th and 12th picks and I highly assume all those guys won't all be there at 9 and 12. One guy has 5th and 6th picks and ZERO SP kept. 1st overall is going to take SP. I think it will be SP heavy round 1. Top 10 Yahoo ranked pitchers that I could probably get in some combination at 9 and 12 = Castillo, Giolito, Darvish, Syndergaard, Clevinger, Glasnow, Greinke, Berrios, Bauer, Woodruff,
  17. How would you draft first 2 rounds if this was your keeper team? Yahoo H2H 10 team league. R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS & W/SV/K/ERA/WHIP Keepers (entire league kept 46 hitters, 14 SP) C - 1B- 2B - Ketel Marte SS - Bo Bichette 3B - Rendon OF1 - Acuna OF2 - Soto OF3 - Util- Util- SP1 - deGrom I have picks 2, 9, 12 in the draft (after keepers) no 3rd round, and no 5th round, then 2 6th round picks... Players I'm considering top 12: SP: Giolito, Castillo, Clevinger, Glasnow, Greinke, Berrios (this tier of pitchers and a few others in this area available) RP: Hader, Yates Batters: Blackmon, Abreu, Eloy, Robert, LeMahieu Option 1: Charlie Blackmon, SP, SP Option 2: Top SP, RP, RP (if available) Option 3: SP, SP, SP Option 4: Top SP, Robert, Top P Option 5: Fill up the offense (best hitters) OTHER strategy?
  18. Do you have any analysis on why he should be taken in the 60s or 70s over Hoskins/Mancini/Bell a couple rounds later?
  19. Keeper league - around 6 1b have been kept, I have none. Best available is LeMahieu, Abreu, Grandal, Bell, Hoskins I am mostly interested in perspectives on LeMahieu, if he would be work a pick in the 60s of a H2H league. Or should I just wait and get someone around pick 130-150.
  20. deGrom keeper, should have a choice between Clevinger, Castillo, Giolioto, Glasnow, Berrios Are they all relatively equal or are there clear favorites? (W/K/ERA/WHIP) << Stats for SPs in my league.
  21. I'm sure nobody cares but I traded Snell for #9 overall and a swap of 6th and 9th rounders in my favor. Now I keep Bichette and have picks 2, 9, 12 in a 10 team, not too bad.
  22. Bichette would be my 6th player...that makes...Ketel Marte my 5th player...want me to drop Marte for Eloy?
  23. The thing is I have Eloy and Snell on my team now but can only keep 6 players...Tried to trade Eloy but no luck so far, so I would not be able to pick snell 1 or 2, but potentially someone like clevinger and i kinda want Robert but may try and wait until pick 12 (72) to snag him.
  24. new situation, i can trade Snell for #1 overall pick (pick 61), and i also have overall pick #2.i don't have a 3rd or 5th round pick due to trades. Team A Acuna, Soto, Marte, Rendon, deGrom, Bichette (1st and 2nd overall pick) Team B Acuna Soto Marte Rendon deGrom Snell (2nd overall pick)