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  1. If I had to chose: "Safe" play would be Ware/Gus "High ceiling" Wilson Jr/Drake I am sitting Mack and choosing between Wilson and Ware myself.
  2. I am unsure on about half of my starting lineup. It is a full-PPR league. All advice appreciated. Starters: Bench: QB: Mahomes WRS: Sutton, D.J. Moore (Free agents: Trae'Quan Smith, Zay Jones) WR1: Tyreek Hill RBS: J. Jackson, Ware, Mack, Jeff Wilson Jr. (Free agents: Jalen Richard, Stevan Ridley) WR2: ? TE: Trey Burton (I Thomas, D Arnold) RB1: David Johnson RB2: ? TE: ? FLEX: ? K: Zuerlein DST: Denver
  3. Godwin or Humphries. How is Kittle available? I picked up Sutton to replace. None of those 3 are available in my league.
  4. Best Draft Pick - Mahomes (pick 119) Worst Draft Pick - Royce Freeman (46) Best WW Addition - Zuerlein Worst Drop Decision - Hooper Best Trade - I was rejected early on in the season trying to get Chris Thompson. Worst Trade - I declined trading my Emmanuel Sanders/David Johnson for CMC.
  5. I'd go Lamar over Wentz this week but I"m in a standard PPR Yahoo league so may be off on your settings. help?
  6. I think I'd play Humphries in Flex and not play Riddick. Help in mine:
  7. 12 Team PPR league: First round of playoffs and I have Trey Burton. Should I get Arnold instead? Or any one else from waivers? (Herndon, I Thomas, not much on WW) I don't need anything crazy just don't want a goose egg from Turd Burton.
  8. I was able to add Wilson so, DJ+... Wilson, Mack, Jackson, or Ware Top 2 are???? Just this week...
  9. I'd play Wilson or Jackson over Ridley
  10. since the 'other two' teams get in based on points for, regardless of record, i'd say rank them by 'points for' so 5th seed is the team with more PF on season.
  11. Is he good enough to get in lineups this week in normal circumstances if Gordon is out?
  12. I'd bench him until I see good usage or if there is some amazing report where Patricia says he is 100% and going right back to his workload, which probably won't happen. I need him but I am not going to be comfortable until at least week 15 (semis).
  13. I'd drop Mack prob. help?
  14. Sony, GOlladay help
  15. I'd pick up Samuels, drop Coleman or Mack, either one. Mack 10 or less points last 4 weeks. help?
  16. Looking for RB advice going into my playoff matchup. This is a full PPR league. Please pick top 3 RBs in order for week 14 only! Also, Is the my 3rd best RB a better flex play than D.J. Moore? Rostered: 1. David Johnson (vs. DET) 2. Spencer Ware (vs. BAL) 3. Theo Riddick (@ ARI) 4. Justin Jackson (@ CIN) 5. Marlon Mack (@ HOU) 6. Kerryon Johnson (@ ARI) (inj.) Waiver options: Jeff Wilson Jr. (vs. DEN) Jalen Richard (vs. PIT) Thank you!
  17. QB: Mahomes BENCH: WR1: Tyreek Theo Riddick, Josh Jackson, Spencer Ware, Marlon Mack, Trey Burton WR2: Emmanuel S. or D.J. Moore? RB1: DJ RB2: ? TE: ? Burton (or drop the turd) FLEX: ?
  18. I think DJ is a big bust because you always end up starting him even though he doesn't do much of anything. If you had Le'Veon Bell at least you would be able to move on from him. Here we get disappointed almost weekly.
  19. David Johnson + Tyreek Hill + Emmanuel Sanders + Greg Olsen = 23.4 PPR points! Great job guys.
  20. My best RBs are David Johnson (who is basically at best an RB2) and Spencer Ware (who may be nothing). Marlon Mack got me 5 points, Kerryon Johnson is injured. Emmanuel Sanders scored 5, Trey Burton had 1 target, Greg Olsen got hurt again. Mahomes looking pretty bad today, maybe losing Hunt is a mental hurdle. I expect to lose quickly in the playoffs even though I scored 2nd most points in my league.
  21. Anyone see the game? 1 target. Drop time?