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  1. Hunt is on exempt list now, so I have these players and would like help in deciding where Ware falls as my playoffs begin week 14. DJ Riddick Kerryon (inj) Mack (inj) Justin Jackson Spencer Ware
  2. I don't get the "league winner" thing. I think it's very hard to have one player win it all for you. It's not like Ware will be getting you 30+ points/week. I think you can only look back after winning your league and say that ______________ won me the league because he averaged 30-40 points for the whole playoffs, which is rare for even the best fantasy player to do.
  3. Snagged Ware after waviers this week. Can't believe the lotto ticket may pan out! Hunt owner will be pissed.
  4. I am starting him in PPR b/c Kerryon/Mack injuries. Should get a lot of work against the Rams. I'd guess he does better than last week's 13 ppr points.
  5. He might get a lot of work in the fantasy playoffs vs. ARI and BUF, I am a Kerryon and now Riddick owner FYI. Would Blount be worth a start over the likes of Riddick in those 2 games? PPR.
  6. I would mention it to the player like your "just looking out." I told a guy he had an injured player on his lineup when he was facing a higher seed than me, but I did not mentioned it when I played AJ Green last week and the owner didn't swap him out. I think it's ok to discuss people's lineups with them or just let it be.
  7. Would y'all use a waiver pickup on Ware? I'm not the Hunt owner but I have waiver 9 and the Hunt owner has waiver 10. I am light at RB with DJ, Mack (inj), Kerryon (inj) Riddick. Looking towards playoffs and highest ceilings i can get.
  8. Is there any way that he could be out week 14 or would he only miss week 13 at most?
  9. Last 2 weeks only 3-4 targets/game. Has been in on 95%+ of offensive snaps last 2 weeks as well. I am starting him over Burton for now but not excited about his targets.
  10. I have dropped 3 of my top 5 draft picks and my #1 was David Johnson. Thanks but keep the 9 points.
  11. Is DJ playing? Box score isn't showing much action...
  12. Maybe an easier question would be: What high-upside players are you stashing in hopes that they can help you in the playoffs?
  13. I have a couple spots opening up on my roster and need some potential lotto tickets that could blow up weeks 13-16. Mostly looking for RBs, maybe a WR. Thinking at this point I'm looking at handcuffs (Ware, Brown), but would like some input on who I should try to stash on the bench. My team is: Mahomes, Jackson (dropping probably) Tyreek, Sanders, D.J. Moore, Coutee DJ, Mack, Kerryon, Riddick Olsen, Burton (dropping probably) Fairbairm Denver Dallas (dropping) Who are you guys liking at this point in the season as high risk-high reward lotto tickets?
  14. They need to move kickoffs back, so boring to just watch a kick and then commercials 90% of the time.
  15. Start 1, full ppr, keke home vs. TN Monday night, DJ vs. SEA, Funchess not practicing
  16. Detroit is histotically tough on Thanksgiving. I would go with them if I didn't get DAL.
  17. Ppl saying Chase Daniel is a good thing. Should I play him vs Det.? Or Olsen vs. SEA.
  18. I found this: Might be what you're looking for.
  19. You always could do it manually but that wouldn't be as fun and a lot more work, but it's at least an option.