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  1. I dropped Sutton for D.J. Moore. Both have good schedules going forward but Cam is better than Keenum.
  2. I think Moore is safer pick. Smith got 0 targets 2 weeks ago when the team scored 51 points. I feel he is lower floor, higher ceiling.
  3. I'm talking 2 WRs. I know to start JuJu/Brown, Thielen/Diggs, etc...but the question was about 2 fantasy relevant players who are on average offenses.
  4. So i need to drop courtland sutton then.......??
  5. I have Emmanuel Sanders and Sutton and am past the trade deadline. I have been told NOT to roster them both b/c their offense is not good enough. Also people say even on good offensive teams not to roster 2 WRs, even when one or the other is fine. MY QUESTIONS: 1. Is this true to not roster 2 WRs from same team? 2. Must I drop one of my Bronco WRs? (even though they are both highly owned)
  6. Who should I start this week only? Fantasy Pros has Winston ranked #6 this week and Jackson #13. Yahoo has Winston projected 19.8 vs Jackson at 19. It is a no brainer to get Winston? because I already have Jackson.
  7. So you are saying i should drop Sutton then? It's past the trade deadline so I can't trade. I can get TraeQuan, DJ Moore, or pickup a RB
  8. I had Brate last season and it went really well for me. I also have Burton this year and he's okay but 3 targets/game is annoying and he really only had 1 good week and a bunch of "meh" weeks. I'd leaning no but have thought about it.
  9. I would prefer dropping Kirk b/c of Rosen. Denver has a good schedule and Sutton could get going here in the next couple of weeks.
  10. I have both wrs, should i drop sutton and try for djmoore/traequan/keke or would you feel good about rolling out 2 denver wrs at the same time ros?
  11. My WRs are: Tyreek, E. Sanders, C. Sutton, C. Davis. Thinking a hot HOU team w/ Watson maybe better hold than Davis and his situation.
  12. Got Mahomes on bye. Have Jackson right now but Winston looks like he's ranked a good bit ahead of Jackson.
  13. Why does Yahoo have him projected as the #10 PPR running back this week? Seems super high, but is projected 16.88 points. Higher than Fournette, White, Chubb, a lot of good RBs...
  14. I would play Hooper because I think he gets more targets.
  15. Burton vs Lions kinda TD dependent except 1 blowup week Kerryon kinda injured ankle, also tough Bears D w/ Riddick/Blount Richard vs Chargers, do we trust Gruden? Having a hard time, will default to Burton (i guess) but not confident in my decision. please help and say why.
  16. J richard vs lac Kerryon vs chi T burton vs det
  17. Here is my team: Mahomes RB: DJ, Mack, Kerryon, Richard WR: Hill, E Sanders, C Davis, Sutton, J Brown TE: Olsen, Burton DST: KC (vs. ARI this week) JAX (ROS) Zuerlein I don't want to lose any more RB depth and all those WRs I feel I can't really drop...but I will need to drop 2 players before week 12...who should they be?
  18. Needing roster space for byes and wondering if it would be dumb to drop Olsen. I have Trey Burton as well. Don't want to drop ZUerlein for his bye so that's why I am short on space.
  19. I would have to drop KC who plays ARI before that game takes place and instead play my longer term defense (JAX). In my mind this may be a loss of 5 or so points. If I drop KC however I could pick up Harris for my flex (since Crowder, Richardson, Thompson probably all are out, and they are facing TB). I would be starting Harris over Kerryon Johnson (vs CHI), Trey Burton (vs DET), and Jalen Richard (vs. LAC). Would Harris be a 5 point ppr upgrade this week over those 3 is essentially my question. Help me out!
  20. Drop KC D (vs ARI) this week and start JAX (vs IND) in order for me to be able to pick up Harris to start at flex over Kerryon, Richard, Trey Burton? If Harris is gonna blow up this week for 15-20 i think it is very worth it to drop KC a week early, but maybe would do it Saturday so nobody in my league can pick up KC for their start. Do it???
  21. Also of note is that he is a big Titans fan so I could maybe do Corey Davis, but I kinda want to keep him.
  22. Thinking of offering Kerryon Johnson and John Brown or Corey Davis for Cook in PPR league. The guy with Cook has Ertz so I can't trade him a TE, but I could easily let go of a mid-WR, and I don't think I'll play Kerryon much at all ROS b/c of schedule and Riddick coming back. Should I go for this? I'm in 4th place and here is my team: Mahomes Tyreek Hill, Emmanuel Sanders, John Brown, Corey Davis, Courtland Sutton David Johnson, Marlon Mack, Kerryon Johnson, Jalen Richard Greg Olsen, Trey Burton Zuerlien JAX/KC
  23. Someone proposed that to you? I would for sure with you having Hopkins/Brown