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  1. i have basically the same question and everyone is saying davis over smith, but im wondering why smith is projected a lot more than davis even after davis did good last 2 weeks
  2. Anyone know why Smith is projected so much higher for PPR?
  3. That's what I was originally doing, but then I saw Yahoo had Smith ranked a lot higher in the projections (ppr) 6.5 pts vs 9.9 for smith, and realized freeman is out, and they are playing TB, so just wondering why the projection is so much higher for Smith...?
  4. I would probably keep cmc b/c you can use him and gurley and ur set, good rbs are harder to get than wr, u can trade jimmy graham and a good wr for a better wr or something right? find whoever has the worst TE or is a fan of him, fyi i think john brown is gonna be real good
  5. PPR this week only: Mike Davis Ito Smith
  6. Longer term i would trade engram/wr(s) since you have so many to get rb help, like you were doing, but needs to be done to answer your question i'd probably pick up smith since freeman is out now
  7. Rollin' w/ some bums and bye week spot for these two to fight over - Royce is against LAR , and Davis is in London vs. OAK. I have Kerryon Johnson (bye), and Ronald Jones on the bench. DJ is the "good" RB on my team, fyi. Also, Marlon Mack is available on free agency. Please help me! I am leaning Davis b/c the Bronco's will probably be playing from behind and that means more Phillip Lindsay. But let me know what YOU would do.
  8. u got a lot of spots tied up in qb,te,dst, would be nice to try to package a few ppl and upgrade, like maybe newton+engram for WR or something
  9. i'd drop smallwood, u prob wont play him u got a lot of depth, and prob wanna keep Z
  10. let's take a vote, brown or davis, first to 3 votes is who i start
  11. Struggling to decide on this one, I'm starting Tyreek Hill, and then have 2 openings: Yahoo Rank (week 6) Fantasy Pros (week 6) E. Sanders (DEN) vs. LAR WR 17 WR 16 J. Brown (BAL) vs. TEN WR 35 WR 18 C. Davis (TEN) vs. BAL WR 25 WR 21 My uneducated thought is that Sanders will get volume b/c they should be losing to the Rams, Brown has been getting a ton of targets and is going against Malcolm Butler, who apparently is one of the worst corners, and Davis also gets a ton of targets, so this is a tough one. What would you do?
  12. The commish in my league who has maybe the most stacked team 12 team PPR is trading away always injured Fournette for Joe Mixon. Is this vetoable (in favor of the commish getting Joe Mixon)
  13. 12 team PPR I trade away DJ I get Fournette/Chris Thompson My RBs are my weak spot: DJ, Kerryon, Barber, Royce
  14. Fournette out, Yeldon should play, in this situation do I play Grant over Barber PPR.
  15. If Fournette and Yeldon can't go Sunday, should I start Corey Grant? I needed RB depth and have heard from some podcaster that Grant is actually very good. Anyone have any insight on this situation, or Grant in general?
  16. No way would I do that trade if I were you. JuJu is a legit set it and forget it starter. I have Corey Davis and haven't played him yet. Hope I can play him before long, but he has a junk QB situation. Buck Allen is a waiver-type guy. Wouldn't image you would start him...
  17. For this 50/50 decision, it all comes down to me not wanting to bench DJ and having him go off. I drafted him #3. I would rather just trade DJ and be done with it than have to decide if I should bench him every single week. I will probably give it 4 weeks with DJ and then try to trade him for 3rd round value.
  18. I think I'll stick with Brown/Barber for now. Now, if Fournette and Yeldon are both out with injuries, would I dare play Corey Grant instead of Barber?
  19. I'm thinking Brown may be who I choose, but I'm still stuck on RBs. Barber should get a fuller work-load, but catches no passes. Any other opinions?
  20. PPR league: RBs: Royce Freeman (@BAL) / Peyton Barber (vs. PIT) / Kerryon Johnson (@ NE) WRs: Larry Fitzgerald (vs. CHI) / Corey Davis (@ JAX) / John Brown (vs. DEN) Need one RB and one WR for this week.
  21. I am and would go CLE. Jimmy Smith is out for BAL. CLE needs that win and are home.