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  1. Drafted him with my 2nd to last pick in the draft. Almost cut him before the game. Glad I didn't in a PPR.
  2. No stock on Yahoo grading. Every team in my league with the top grade would up finishing poorly. An A+ grade is the kiss of death in my PPR league.
  3. I felt that way last week especially after Ingram got the first TD. We all know how the game went after that.
  4. I used to go to the Cafe. Didn't post as much but was sorry it ended.
  5. Need Cook to score less than 34 in a PPR. In the playoffs but this is for a bye.
  6. Exactly, as a Jones and C Carson owner in one league, when the team has a first and goal on the one or two yard line you better hope they run on 1st down. And you damn well better hope it goes for a TD because Rodgers and Wilson are just itching to run the expected play action pass (yes many times for a TD) but not to your player. You'd think defensive coordinators would know it was probably coming as well and try to defend it.
  7. PPR down 38 have L Jackson and Kupp going against the Rams defense. Hope Baltimore gets up early with no TDs to Ingram and Kupp leads leads the Rams recievers in a high scoring affair.
  8. Up 32 and have Carson going tonight. Opponent has the Garoppolo Sanders stack. Hoping for the best. How could Kupp (who I have of course) put up a total donut?
  9. Unfortunatley Freeman has been virtually irrelevant this entire season.
  10. Too long a drive for the Chargers too much time off the the clock.
  11. There are other parts or her anatomy that many might rather see move.
  12. My Kelce farm is dying need some fertilizer and TDs to save the farm.
  13. Cut Baker Mayfield (who has been playing like a kitchen baker) and picked up Jones. Also have Wentz but you have to start any QB going up against the Redskins.
  14. Redskins are such losers. They can't evem find within themselves to play a somewhat turnover free game. There are probably more Bears fans there than home fans. They may lose to Miami.