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  1. If he plays, great...but going to Seattle sucks...for all WR's involved, Metcalf, lockett and brown
  2. Big Ben put up 10 points… And they still scored 40 points With that defense and if the run game cannot be stopped… That’s what you’re going to get sometimes
  3. I don’t know… He got two goal line carries at the 2 yard line and cannot do anything with it
  4. Agreed - seems like Rams are becoming the Patriots - every week is a new strategy with rotating featured players so their opponents can't come up with a game plan. Works in real life, sucks for FF.
  5. Dude - Ridley was WR1 for the entire league and STILL put up a doughnut. lol Miller is supposed to stink it up.
  6. Ditto - I think I'm going to roll with Bullock who is putting up monster numbers this year....RB1 numbers lol. I think he's only missed 1? Not going to stream kickers, so will just eat it this week vs. baltimore, but I do (want) to love Borrow...and think he'll keep up the offense.
  7. Goff sure was spreading it around a lot today… Woods is a fantastic receiver… But with weapons like Hondo, Brown, cup, Everett, Higbee , Reynolds… There’s just too many options Sundays
  8. I thought hendo looked very good… But to be honest Malcolm Brown also looks ok. I think McVay is just staying true to his word. He told everybody this would be a running back by committee… And that is exactly what it is This is very similar to the patriots backfield in recent years. Any given week a running back might put up 20+ points… And then you end up chasing those points only for the next guy up to get those
  9. I don’t know… To be honest… I think they are both just a guys. Obviously Kelly becomes an RB two with Eckler out but I don’t picture him being a league winner at all at least right now with the fumbles
  10. I have no idea why anybody would trade away such a gifted running back. A couple bad games… This dude is a top-five RB threat at any week
  11. From what I saw on the dock that fumble did not help… And then Herbert was airing it out big-timeFrom what I saw on the dock that fumble did not help… And then Herbert was airing it out big-time
  12. I don't know if I'm on board with that. If Carson plays, it's going to suck, because I see the following happening: Low usage to make sure he's ok He gets injured - in which case Hyde is a great asset for your team, or trade. Either way, I don't think Carson has a great day. Just speculation and my opinion. I would hold on to Hyde just to see how the week goes. He's only good for a couple weeks as Penny is coming back, but you never know when you might need solid RB2 numbers depending on how your roster is.
  13. I feel like hyde will be RB2 level - safe floor, low ceiling. They are letting Russ air it out too much to expect RB1 numbers, but I think one TD and at least 80 yards is a reasonable expectation.
  14. Really feeling like picking up Fitz for this week against the blistering seahawks... At least if he bombs, I won't be hating on him because he's so boom or bust.... Minshew, I just feel rope a doped into picking him last week...against my better judgement and gut.