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  1. this is brutal....with Eckler in there taking so many points away...and his fumbles last tough to put your championship on the line with him in your line up. He was a YARD short of scoring twice last week...great tackles that barely got him.... that's FF for ya...if he score''s a completely different week I have him, AP, and Washington all basically tied. One of the 3 will go off....but will it be Gordon...?? At least other RB's are the primary focus and get almost all of the touches...can you say the same about MG3?
  2. My picks would be: 1 - Boone 2 - Washington 3 - Woods 4 - Sanders 5 - Brown 6 - Mostert Great choices though - no one could fault your decision to roll with any of those.
  3. My advice depends on who you're playing. Can you afford to play it safe, or do you need to risk something... AJ brown could blow up in a shootout against the I would probably play him over Moestart, but it could go either way.
  4. Boone, Waller, Gallup Perriman could blow up, but I'm not a fan of chasing points. Very rarely does a good player dud twice in a Gallup has the slight edge over Perriman.
  5. For anyone owning Boone, I would youtube his highlights. He looks JUST like Cook and Mattison... If Cook and Mattison are out, you are 99% getting a top RB1 who is going to put up vintage Cook numbers. The success is a product of the zone running offense scheme from Kubiak as the OC advisor... I was having trouble deciding between Washington, AP, and Boone, but if Cook and Mattison are out...this is a very easy decision. Still....this is FF - anyone would put up a dud or blow up any time.
  6. I would trust him, but I have Hopkins, Julio, and I am playing the safer options. But Gallup vs. the horrible Eagles secondary is not a bad play at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he went off. I think his floor, after that dud, is 15.
  7. Boone just upgraded to 14.5 points on ESPN due to reports of Cook not probable. Championship winner if Cook and MAttison sit out.
  8. Worst case scenario is that all are active. Best case scenario is that Cook and Mattison are both out to give a full RB1 load to Boone. Boone in the preseason looked like a monster...not losing anything with him in there. It's also a horrible situation for FF owners that they play Monday if it's a gametime decision, we don't have any other options left.
  9. I'm saying when I Watch the games, he gets his share of targets in the end zone, but Carr is just missing him, or there is interference...or a drop or something. Point is...he gets his fair share of looks in the end zone which is all you can ask for.
  10. Waller is almost always the first look in the end zone and gets at least one target per series. Last 2 weeks, he's had targets in the end zone, but just missed due to holding or bad passes.... ...which would make for monster weeks.
  11. With no Ridley....and a banged up 49'ers secondary....I don't see how anyone could sit this stud. Definitely gotta hold your breath, but he's due for a big game for his FF owners. Also hoping Shanahan wants to put the wood to ATL, his ex that might cause a shootout.
  12. Weeks 7 and 12 were pretty awful. Granted the 2.6 in Week 7 he got hurt, but I don't think that was until the final minutes. I guess you're right... I think a lot of my bias is the fact their points usually come in garbage time... But yeah....after looking at things, he's average....
  13. I dropped Ice because he just put up too many DUD's at inopportune times. If he had a floor around 10 or can get with that risk. His DUD's are killers even if your other players go off.
  14. I didn't watch this game, but the game he blew up the week previously, Fitz was absolutely looking for him all game long. I also think points don't lie...he's getting his ever since Preston Williams went down.. Just about every WR is boom or bust, no? Great WR, on a team where the QB locks in on him first = Great play.
  15. In watching the game, it's clear Carson is #1, but Penny was easily 1B. Very close to 50/50, and if Carson and the team are willing to play team ball around the goal line...Penny is flex worthy with upside. Also, these next few weeks are the playoffs. No need for second stringers on your bench, fill it with handcuff lotto ticket rb's in case a big dawg on a top team goes down...Brown, Armstead, PEnny, MAttison, etc...