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  1. My biggest vent/rant is listening to fantasy “experts.” I’m convinced given all the info out there now they have to make counter-common sense calls to stay relevant. i sat Daniel Jones over minshew (2qb league), played Boone over Boyd, Hunter Henry over Higbee all due to these experts. would have won had I just stayed out. Sour grapes I know, but still...
  2. If Boone scores under 5 the rest of the way I might pull this out...
  3. I need Boone to put up 60 in one league...... or less than 10 in another....
  4. Just furious I was dumb enough to play Henry.
  5. Woulda thought playing Parker and benching boyd I would have been on the better side of scoring. son of a...
  6. Minshew needs to pound a beer and get his game together or I’m gonna get bounced
  7. I blew it and sat Higbee. Can toss either guy in and we get extra points for yards. Who would you roll with? leave yours and I’ll answer!
  8. Need upside or floor? Floor I’d play Lewis. Upside I’d play hollister given his cardinals matchup
  9. This ones tougher than it looks to me. Both have solid corners on them. No doubt AJ and Tannehill are tearing it up but the big X factor in that has been Derrick henry who you need 38 people and concrete barricades in the box to try and stop. He was just ruled out so now they’ll have to really see what tannehill asks with a good defense that doesn’t have to worry about A freight train at running back. for that reason I’d go locket. MVP caliber qb who’s done it his whole career vs trusting tannehill. both good choices but I’d put my season on Wilson over tannehill good luck!
  10. That’s a really tough call. Do you need floor or upside? id have to go Ekeler here just given his track record and role in the offense. Boone could boom/bust but Ekeler role is solid. good luck!
  11. I would say AP or Washington for the safer floors. Leaning AP
  12. Washington is the safe pick here. If you need an upside gamble: boone
  13. For all the marbles. My 2 backs are zeke and Gordon. flex is fournette/Ekeler but can arrange in any way. leave yours!
  14. Welp, I bought the fear of everet ruining Higbee so now I’m locked into Henry. Let’s go!