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  1. Sure— the “hype trending down” guys though can be split in two camps: the ones like Keibert, who as someone pointed out may recover some value from moving to a better AAA hitter environment, and those who will not appreciate in value like Triston McKenzie is for me. Trammell I still like in OBP leagues because I’ve heard that his selectivity and working deep into counts is working against him and once he makes the adjustment to be more aggressive he will improve the average. I also think that if you find someone buying Tucker for his SB potential, you gotta sell.
  2. Who are your the guys you think you can get the most value for right now or the guys whom you predict will not have the same success their first two years in the majors as their minor league numbers suggest? Personally, I think Pipeline top 100 guys like Triston McKenzie (injury risk and no apparent velocity gain), Estevan Florial (for his poor pitch recognition), LouBob (Kiley says he might struggle initially a la Brinson or Moncada despite tools), India (hasn’t made much noise this year and tools are so-so) and Keibert (blocked and poor AA numbers) are the guys I’m selling. Curious who you have in your list.
  3. Forward Value is not the ceiling—it accounts for risk. He obviously has “the potential to be much more,” but given that maybe there is only say a 25% likelihood he gets there every season in the bigs, that 65 seems reasonable.
  4. Longenhagen had his hit tool as a 7 on a podcast. Plays up at Coors
  5. Anyone else high on Oviedo? Has the starter body and at least 3 pitches that project as plus. I trust Cleveland’s development as well
  6. Fan graphs tempered expectations. Said the body is already filled out and he’s playing against less physical competition