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  1. How many do you still need? Is there any league communication (GroupMe, etc) throughout the season? Contract/salary cap league? Thanks
  2. Experienced, dedicated, active owner looking to pick up another dynasty league. Could be startup, dispersal draft or orphan team if I like the roster. Buy-in $50-100 would be ideal. Not a huge fan of IDP leagues, but may consider it. Not really a fan of MFL Leagues either. Looking for an active league with things going on during the off-season, GroupMe chats, etc. Not just a draft and no communication until the playoffs. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the input, I think I'm going to stand pat for now and go for another title. May revisit this deal or try to move Gurley next off-season.
  4. I do too, especially if you buy into the fact that the Falcons want to run more with a healthy Freeman.
  5. 16 team Salary cap dynasty league ($300 cap). PPR, standard lineup. Give: Conner($16) and 2021 2nd Get: Ridley($1), 2019 3rd, 2020 1st My other 2 RBs are Kamara and Gurley, I'm thin at WR behind Davante and traded my 2020 1st and 2nd last season. I won the league rolling 3 starting RBs last season so I'm hesitant to move away from that strategy but I need the depth. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. WHIR, thanks
  6. I'd like to check it out. EKuz3082@msn.com Thanks!
  7. Veteran owner of 15 years looking to join a 2nd Dynasty league. Startup would be preferable, but may consider taking over an orphan team. Not interested in IDP leagues. Not interested in Yahoo leagues. Money leagues only, please ($50--200). If you have a spot available, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. May be interested, would like to check out the setup. ekuz3082@msn.com thank you.
  9. What is the roster construction like? How many starters, bench? Practice squad? IDPs? Thanks