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  1. Sounds interesting. Curious what the payouts look like. First year of this league? Thanks.
  2. Also Bkabat, I really need a response by Sunday. This team is going on a month without an owner. I need an owner for next weeks games. Thanks for understanding.
  3. Commish here, yeah I still see the invite pending waiting for you to accept. Looks like I can´t re-send so please double check or maybe try another email?
  4. I currently run a league which has a team with no owner for 2 weeks now. I have a person who promises me they want to take over the team but are preoccupied with a sick family member currently. In the meantime should I set the lineup for this team daily or continue to let the team keep losing to competition? (H2H points league). This is the first time I have faced this dilemma.
  5. Thanks so much for the info guys! Helps alot! Hope they get around to it soon.
  6. Appreciate all the help so far! Gonna keep all the advice in mind AS I WAIT FOR THE ESPN RESTART! (Wonder what´s taking so long this year!).
  7. Appreciate it Truth. By the way, did I say rookies? lol. Technically this should be their first FULL year is more accurate.
  8. I have 1 keeper spot left of my roto league pitchers and was wondering who would be the best overall player to keep. Dustin May, A.J. Puk or Andres Munoz. Thank you.
  9. Didn´t see your post. I just asked the exact same question lol. Hope we get a response.
  10. ESPN. Waiting on the ESPN yearly restart. Anyone know when it kicks in? My league has been asking me daily. I thought it would have been completed by now.