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  1. 7 teams still looking for managers.
  2. Yeah new or experienced is fine. Mostly just want passionate football fans who play weekly. Your welcome to join.
  3. Plenty of teams available to manage still. Only one person has joined as of now.
  4. Free to join (ESPN). Sunday draft starting 0-0 and re-drafting next season, so come join our new league. Link....
  5. This team ended up ranked 9th out of the 20 teams.
  6. 20 team league has one team needing an owner to take over. $25 buy-in via leaguesafe due in early 2021 with top 4 winners paid $300, 125, 50, 25. We also go by MLB team names and the team your taking over is the D-Backs. 10 keepers required on a roster of 26. Here´s the available team: If interested, please message me back here or leave your email and I will get back to you. We also use groupme.
  7. Anybody? Still debating how to handle this and if I need to change settings.
  8. I´m also wondering if a guy dropped as in Kirby Yates who had a $32 auction price, and then picked up again as a free agent, would keep his 32 dollar salary as a keeper next season. We use ESPN and it´s a 10 keeper league. This is our first season and I´m not positive if ESPN would keep auction value or the latest, free, waiver acquisition he was picked up as. Hope this isn´t too confusing but any input would be appreciated!
  9. Our league is set up as salary cap auction on draft day with 10 keepers going in (H2H Points league). We have a player pool of free agents we can pick up all season at no cost. As of now this setup has worked o.k. but some concern has been mentioned, for example, Mookie went for $90 on draft day. Can´t I drop him and pick him up for nothing on waivers? Of course the answer is no but I wanted some input on this subject. What do you guys think of this format? What could improve? Finally, would closing player pick ups during the off season be a good idea? Appreciate the input!
  10. Bump (Now that so many rookies have been called on this season, our league might be of more interest now?) 5 teams still up for grabs, will start draft when league fills up.
  11. Thanks Hockey I´ll check it out!
  12. Can´t believe nobody is familiar with a basic settings question like this. I´m thinking I posted in the wrong thread.
  13. I´m thinking keeping the players original value, even if he is dropped and picked up on waivers during the season. So keeper value would be the same beginning 2021. Otherwise anyone could dump an expensive player then pick them back up for nothing. If they are dropped and NOT picked up this season then it would be back to 0 for the 2021 draft. Thoughts??
  14. Our league had an auction draft and our settings for player pick ups is waivers. I was wondering if a player went for say $50 at auction and let go, then picked up by another team and used as a keeper (we have 10 keepers for 2021), what would his value be for the 2021 draft? Not sure if default setting would have him at $50 or 0.