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  1. Thanks hockey, yeah about to add Javier as we speak as a matter of fact.
  2. Will do man! Usually someone changes their mind and bail sooner than later. So I´m expecting opening spots again. I´ll keep you in mind.
  3. Yeah, no kidding! People want some sports already to begin!
  4. Yeah I might roll the dice with Javier. He seems to have the best numbers from the minors.
  5. Haha, how did you guess, yep 20 team league with vague guys available. Just trying to fill a roster pitcher spot.
  6. Let me throw in 1 more rookie who´s available, Cristian Javier from the Astros. He´s a FA in our league and had a great minor league career.
  7. I have a spot for a #5 starter and it´s either Voth (who I currently have) or Quantrill (who is available) who I would like to use in my points league. Which guy has the most potential? Thanks!
  8. Sorry guys I live close to where chaos is going on in my city and just have been out of it the past 12 hours. All I know for now is I prefer keeping the settings as they are and the idea of a rookie draft is on my mind as well. A rookie draft would have to be offline though, and not sure yet if we should include rookies on regular rosters for now. Maybe have them listed on a spreadsheet separate.
  9. Rough night, thanks man, switching over to your league now.
  10. That´s odd, she seemed pumped up for the league, I´ll IM her here and see whats up
  11. Sounds fair Pizza. So correct setting would be...Move to last after claim, never reset order??