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  1. I think given ur teams we depth U can trade Lockett for Carson even though I think Lockett is a slightly more valuable player. I worry with the fumbling and u never know what Pete Carroll is gonna do when Penny’s hamstring is better. I think this would improve ur team and u would just be flexing one of ur rbs instead of ur wrs. I would do it. Thanks for ur opinion on my question good luck
  2. I’m 4-0 and don’t need to make a trade but I’m a little shallow at RB and deep at receiver. I have Tyler Lockett, Julio Jones, Robert Woods and Will Fuller. My Rb’s are Josh Jacobs, miles Sanders or Tevin Coleman. Roster setup is 1rb and 3wr with a flex for either a Wr or Rb . Any thoughts? I’m worried Gordon isn’t used as much as last year. What u peeps thinks?
  3. Is that league safe link good? sends me to my own leaguesafe account but not the league on im interested
  4. I cannot view the league, what time is the actual draft being held
  5. I can’t use the message board leaguesafe link, can u post it in here or email it to me at thanks eric
  6. Any way to post leaguesafe link on here or email me at the ones on the message board never work for me.