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  1. yes, the sooner the better. as soon as we're full I'll have 10 messages looking for a spot LOL
  2. Hopefully will encourage trades I'm ok reducing it if enough people want it.
  3. that was a typo and I can't delete it. I have the payouts listed on the message board.
  4. Sent don't pay until we have at least 5. I have it on a couple of other sites so it shouldn't take long. Thanks
  5. Leaguesafe 10 Team Auction on ESPN QB/2 RB/ 2WR/TE/3 Flex/SF Payouts 1st= $150 2nd=$70 3rd=$30 Most point Regular Season = $50 post your email for an invite. leaguesafe link will be in on the league homepage. Please make your leaguesafe email and ESPN email the same or at least post something on the message board so there's no confusion on who's paid.