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  1. he was talking about Severino. I doubt Sevy goes Sunday, if so just one inning. He will start the WC game. Pretty certain
  2. lol. He could pitch 1 inning. Boone already said that earlier this week. It would be his throw day.
  3. who is? Was it announced? He is the favorite, according to most here in NY. Maybe you should "move on". It's 50/50 at worst
  4. of course, Sevy gives them as good a chance as any. He is 10-2 2.74 at home.
  5. yes, and he will probably pitch 3 innings max. Happ should go game 1 in Boston, so he can go 1 and 5. He is their best pitcher in Fenway I'm a yankee fan and I'd feel comfy with Sevy or Tanaka, at home, vs Oaktown. Severino is 10-2 2.74 at home. He will start the WC game. he should, anyway
  6. he will play sparingly like spring season games. 2 starts. 16-18 innings at most
  7. doesn't seem to mean, all that much, with Ellis Burks in the club.
  8. Pretty amazing, but not insane. Just think about Gehrig 167 in 155 games and Ruth 177 runs in 152 games (7 seasons with more than 1 run per), I think more runs are scored now than then. Ted Williams averaged that his first 9 seasons.
  9. You mean like the 75 yard TD he got last week? Are you trolling or trying to make a joke?
  10. The assumption is they won’t be bad when he returns