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  1. Sanchez has, actually, been catching the ball
  2. extremely. i was, obviously right about Sevy starting. you were quite wrong. so were most fans I'll remind you about my first post about it: pay attention to the date. Report post Posted September 26 (edited) yes, and he will probably pitch 3 innings max. Happ should go game 1 in Boston, so he can go 1 and 5. He is their best pitcher in Fenway I'm a yankee fan and I'd feel comfy with Sevy or Tanaka, at home, vs Oaktown. Severino is 10-2 2.74 at home. He will start the WC game. he should, anyway Edited September 26 by Ratso1022
  3. because most fans are unknowledgable. let it go already
  4. I think Sevy goes 5 at most. even if it stays 2-0
  5. I love getting rid of Lee Trevino in 2nd
  6. No mention of the easy 1st for Sevy? Setting the tone?
  7. I dropped Marcell Ozuna when he came off DL, in the same league Buehler and Scherzer were scratched game 162. Worse yet, my opponent, in the finals picked him up. Just a further punch in the nose 2 runs, HR, 3 RBI, .389 BA the last week other than that 7 HR 19 RBI .319 in September