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  1. 7 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

    And you ? 



    extremely.    i was, obviously right about Sevy starting.   you were quite wrong.   so were most fans     


    I'll remind you about my first post about it:   pay attention to the date.



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      On 9/26/2018 at 4:03 PM, dilly3307 said:

    Isn’t Severino slated for the Sunday start? I know the Yanks stated that Tanaka and Severino were being considered for the WC game but I just don’t see how Severino could be ran out there with any confidence considering his play of late. Look at what the A’s did to him the last time they played. Yikes! Imo they go with Happ in the WC game.

    yes, and he will probably pitch 3 innings max.   Happ should go game 1 in Boston, so he can go 1 and 5.     He is their best pitcher in Fenway


    I'm a yankee fan and I'd feel comfy with Sevy or Tanaka, at home, vs Oaktown.   Severino is 10-2  2.74 at home.   He will start the WC game.  he should, anyway

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  2. I dropped Marcell Ozuna when he came off DL, in the same league Buehler and Scherzer were scratched game 162.   Worse yet, my opponent, in the finals picked him up.  Just a further punch in the nose   2 runs, HR, 3 RBI, .389 BA   

    the last week  other than that    7 HR  19  RBI   .319  in September

  3. 1 hour ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:



    i dropped him around same time.  it was the right move.   he was hardly playing.   we all thought the back issue would persist rest of the year.  plus they had the reserves.  i don't think this cost me anything, sorry if it cost you.    btw.   i kept using him in my NL only weekly league.  there were no other 1B's to replace him with.  He helped me win that league.   I guess it helped me overlook the league I dropped him in.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, DidiFan said:

    Yes exactly that post was an over reaction when I saw he was out of starting lineup. I later saw that Reyes would come out after one AB. I was a bit testy admittedly because I was in a really tight race in a roto league on the final day and one SB away from another point. 




    that sucks.   I'd have done same thing.   I guess most of us would've.

  5. 3 hours ago, secretagentman said:

    Cashman, the man that kept Mark Newman for years lol.  The man who brought back Javier Vazquez for a second turn through lol.  Carl Pavano anyone?...How about the Ellsbury deal?  The Yanks have developed some players the past few years due largely to new personal running their scouting and minor league development areas.  You can give credit to Cashman for changing personnel, but you also have to give him the fault for sticking with the old clueless clods for so long.


    That said, Cashman has made some good moves the past few years.  Replacing nose in his binder Giradi with Boone whose idea of motivation is talk nice and hope while certainly an improvement, was not one of them imo.


    There is no question  Happ should have been chosen by anyone looking at this with his eyes and not a fantasy baseball-like stat sheet imo.  Oh he pitched well against them in May...he pitched well at home...he did not stink his last 3 starts (but still could not get through 6 IPs in 2 of them), yada yada yada.  Bottom line, he has not pitched well the second half and has not regained any sense of dominance.  Putting the whole season on the line on the hope he comes through now is just a dumb move imo whether it works out in the end or not.  If it does not, break out he goat horns and put them squarely on Boone's head.  It is his final decision on who to start.

    only since about 07-08, since George lost his marbles, has Cashman been the main decision maker.   Don't blame him for anything prior to '08.  He was just under George's thumb then



    I'm looking at it with my eyes, and as a fan. former 16 year season ticket holder and a fan for 50 years.    Also looking ahead to Boston.   Severino is the correct move if you want to win it all.   If you want to look past the nose on your face, this is the right move


    6 inning means nothing.   they aren't letting any starter go 6 tonight.    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs, home record and last 3 starts is HUGE.   who cares what they did from July 12th to September 5th?   you are so wrong on this

  6. 7 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

    The 3 


    Aaron has made so many stupid mistakes this yea4 I am surprised he still has a job

    I am not a fan of Brian... giving 10 year contracts like they are candy to washed up ballplayers .....



    agree about Boone.    Cashman has gotten much better lately.    Boone can't be fired now.   


    3 managers in 3 years when we made post season all 3, would be ludicrous      the yankee haters would be justified

  7. @shakestreet       I like you.     Let's agree to disagree     we're not going to change each other's minds.    go yankees.   Sevy will go  4 1/3  give up 2 runs and we can argue if he pitched a good game or not tomorrow,   after yanks win  6-3  tonight

  8. 1 minute ago, shakestreet said:

    I am glad it’s good enough for you but not for me... 


    I have three good New York Yankee fans up here in Massachusetts that are around my age. Let’s Just say we are over 50. We all believe the Yankees should have started Happ. 



    I'm 55.   Me, Boone, and Cashman agree Severino should start.   We are all yankee fans.   I admit I'm looking ahead to Boston.   I think it matters a ton

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  9. 3 minutes ago, shakestreet said:



    Happ at Yankee Stadium in 2018 7 starts 4-0 39.2 IP 12 ER 2.72 ERA 

    in 2017 1 start 1-0 6 IP 1ER 1.50 ERA 



    3 bad starts all season?

    Severino had 4 bad starts in July alone



    10 - 2    2.74    15 STARTS     11  QUALITY     3 BAD

  10. 10 - 2   2.74 at home  all season



    2 - 1   2.04, anywhere,  since September 6th     good enough for me



    This was an organizational decision, not just Boone's.   I trust the organization.    I even said this, prior, to their decision.    It's just a no brainer.   Plus you can have Happ pitch twice in Boston.   YESSSSSSSSSSSS, that matters

  11. 13 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

    Why are you only going back three starts? 

    Lets take the month of September 


    Severino 4 starts 2-2 record 20.1 IP 9 ER 3.98 ERA 

    Happ 5 starts 2-0 record 29 IP 6 ER 1.86 ERA 


    I just don’t see the thought process that Severino should make this start in a game where if you lose the season is over, the way he has pitched lately. 


    This we need Happ to pitch twice against Boston is baloney if the Yankees don’t win tonight. 


    It doesn’t matter who is pitching tonight all I want is a Yankees and I believed Happ gives the Yankees the best chance. I hope you are right am I am wrong. I really won’t be wrong as long as the Yankees win. 

    because that's when he fixed his crap.   He's been better since.   What is the definition of "lately"?    Happ was awful last start.   Tanaka terrible last two.   Sevy, very good last 3.   That describes lately to me.   Not 4-11 weeks ago.  


    you are including a bad start, in Oakland, prior to his turnaround.   Sevy has been their best pitcher at home.   ALL season.   post those numbers.   I've done in 4-5 times already.   Severino has been great at home.    enough said.   3 bad starts all season