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  1. My son. who has a friend in cards organization, says they are trying tepidly . his word his opinion is, he stays with the Jays
  2. You’re playing with my words. He has his role built into his contract. As in a pitcher and part time batter. Yes, I believe that is built into his contract 100%. Are you insinuating he signed with angels without a pitcher/batter stipulation? Lol. I may be wrong about the SP part, that is where my “guessing” came in.
  3. Do you think Ohtani had just a normal FA contract? I think Ohtani has a lot to say how and when he pitches.
  4. I’m just guessing. But I think Ohtani has a clause in his contract that he decides if and when he pitches when healthy. Something loosely based. Why are are you making it sound like every player?
  5. Your guess is as good as any. Mine is, he wants too and his contract says he will, if he wants too, and the doctors say he can. IMO, the angels have little say.
  6. Probably would make the most sense. I think they see him as more of a once a week starter. I think it’s more of what he wants, still. They had to bow down to him for him to sign with them. Not sure what is in his contract. Maybe his contract says he starts once per week and is in lineup 3x per week, whenever possible? Something like that.
  7. I agree with this, except we may have to wait until his 3rd start for 90 pitches, which is perfect for players with first round byes. Ohtani will probably pitch every Sunday ROS. I think that’s the plan
  8. A contusion is another name for a bruise. Not sure what you mean by “isn’t anything to screw with”. Donaldson has a strained left calf muscle. That’s a bit more serious than a bruise.
  9. At this point I don’t really see him being called up this year.