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  1. he just missed 1 AB each game he didn't sit. Rosario went 1 for 6 with 2 SB last 2 games i got it, my guess is you benched him because you saw he wasn't in starting lineup. right?
  2. If Buehler pitches on Sunday I would’ve won. Probably, even if Nats let Scherzer pitch. In another league, I lost because Rich Hill got a win. That whole NL West tie, cost me 2 chips I had Buehler and Scherzer, both were set to go, Sunday in one league and I lost 6-4 and ERA 3.76 to 3.69, WHIP 1.23 - 1.27 and, wins 4-3 I owned tie breaker. I just needed to win 1 of those other league I lost 5 - 4 and lost wins 3-2 he owned Rich Hill who was not scheduled to start. I owned tie breaker. cost me several $$$$$$$
  3. I think the giants have a team option for $12 mil. Forget it then
  4. Maybe, I just think, Madbum could be a bargain. Just 29 years old. Proven big game pitcher. Only 240 IP over past 2 seasons, so that’s like almost a year off. With Just Gardner and CC, off the books, that’s $20 mil right there. I’d offer as much as 5 years $120 mil. I doubt that gets it done, but I’d make the offer. His injuries weren’t arm related or structural. He is a legit ace. I may even go as high as 6 for 140
  5. Why go back 2 months? Just go back 3 weeks. Severino 2-0. 2.04. Plus 10-2. 2.74. All season at home. I don’t get the issue. Yes. 4-8 weeks ago, Sevy was awful. He hasn’t been since Like Sept 11th. Plus us we need Happ to pitch twice in Boston
  6. I agree with everything but Corbin. I think he would be a very solid no. 3. Zona is a tough home park to pitch in, plus he had to deal with Coors and the Dodgers were 2nd in homers this year. Resign Happ and sign Corbin
  7. you missed the part where CC has been left off the roster. Your man Boone agrees with you
  8. A lot will depend on when they think Sheffield will be ready, also
  9. Corbin and Happ. That's it of the guys mentioned. I'd let CC go. Unless we are desperate for a no. 5. I want no part of Kershaw or Keuchel. I definitely think Corbin should be a priority. He wants to pitch for the yanks. WHat about taking a shot at Madbum?????
  10. I think you go all out in the pen tomorrow, and have Sevy on a short leash. You can tell, early, if he has it. I'd have CC in long relief. Have the rotation set for Boston. I'd go Happ, Tanaka, Severino, CC, Happ
  11. really from July 7th - Sept 5th. Less than 2 months. An 11 start stretch where he went 4-5 with a 6.27 ERA other than that 15-3 1.99. You act like the last 3 starts didn't matter. Mattered for home field. 1 start vs an extremely hot Rays team another mid September vs a still hot sox team. I'd say they mattered. Also, he contined to pitch well at home throughout, Except for 3 starts all year Tanaka, is, by far, the worst of the 3 right now. I doubt he was in the discussion at the end Sutcliffe, called for Severino, yesterday. I have been, too
  12. IMO, and I've felt this for over a week. It's a tough choice between Severino and Happ. You have to take Severino's home record into account and that he has looked better past 3 starts, also the bulk of his bad outings came on the road. Since it's a tough decision, the tie breaker, is I'd rather see Happ pitch games 1 and 5 in Boston. I think you do need to look ahead, somewhat.
  13. News alert::::::::: They aren't playing in Oakland. In NY he gave up 1 run in 7 IP vs them 2.04 ERA after September 5th matters more so does home stats AND Happ record in Boston 10-2 2.74 at home only 3 bad starts at home ALLL season counting his bad stretch Happ got bombed his last start and Tanaka got bombed his last 2. This was a no brainer. I said it over the weekend. jeez lol If the game was in Oakland I'd go with Happ, but it's not in Oakland.
  14. As A HUGE yankee fan a was a 95-2011 season ticket holder, this is what i heard. First of all, Sterling hasn't missed a game since 1989. In 2003, he was upset that Steiner got to call the Boone HR and did the YANKEES WIN chant....so when Steiners contract ran out,after 2004, he had yanks get rid of him and made sure he would get to do every inning of play by play going forward. So from 2005 on, Sterling has done every single inning of play by play. Post season and all.
  15. What a shocker. Severino is pitching the WC. Smart move, if you want to look beyond your nose and beat the sox. Also, happens to be the best way to beat the A's.
  16. Severino has also been the best of the 3 over their last 3 starts and is their best pitcher at home. Also, I think Cone knows a bit more about pitching than you do. Severino was “blown up” at home, exactly once, all year. Unless you think 4 runs in 4 innings is blown up? Then it’s twice. 11 of 15 starts we’re quality and 1 was 2 runs in 5 innings.
  17. It should be Severino. He is their best SP at home this year. 10-2. 2.74. During his 11 start bad stretch only 4 were at home, and only 2 were bad. He has also pitched well in each of his last 3 games. 2-0 2.04 ERA. I feel extremely confident with Severino. Plus I want Happ to pitch 2 games in Boston. I think yanks win with either Happ or Severino starting at home. Forget Tanaka. He is a distant 3rd. Did you see his last 2 starts? 8 innings 8 runs. He goes game 2 in Boston.