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  1. 17 homers 52 rbi 97 games. Imagine a good season
  2. Pretty amazing, but not insane. Just think about Gehrig 167 in 155 games and Ruth 177 runs in 152 games (7 seasons with more than 1 run per), I think more runs are scored now than then. Ted Williams averaged that his first 9 seasons.
  3. i left that out on purpose. Those are the only 2 teams that hit him.
  4. Severino tomorrow, Tanaka Wednesday or Thursday. After that don’t know. Boone has mentioned starting Gray Thursday is a possibility.
  5. Boone already says Sanchez will be catching the wild card game.
  6. You mean like the 75 yard TD he got last week? Are you trolling or trying to make a joke?
  7. His actions say he has. He has closed the last 4 save situations
  8. imo, they have no closer. they all pitch whenever. been that way for 3 weeks or more. look it's NO ONE. THE D.BACKS DO not have a closer, I have been mentioning this for awhile. Just because, suddenly, Hirano converted a save it doesn't mean they have one now. Boxberger converted 4 in the last 2 weeks
  9. i think it's totally open. he went 1 for 2. of course, if he got the last 2 the others pitched in non-save situations. duh. he saved one, so he got the next one. so now its up in the air. there hasn't been a save opp after Hirano blew one. I think he gets the next one, maybe. I would.t own him
  10. but one save doesn't mean he is the closer he's 1 for 2
  11. But. I think I lost the argument. I think Bumgarner got a 6 plus inning save in the post season. So it seems pretty arbitrary with holds. Since it’s really not an official stat. It’s supposed to work in correlation with saves. But..........
  12. came in before the 5th was over. Holds can only be awarded when a save is in line. I've had this argument before.
  13. no one. They've been winging it for awhile now
  14. IMO, IP and ERA matter the most, then wins are a close third. Losses, K’s and WHIP, sometimes saves, after that. Wins show that you have pitched well enough into games to give your team a chance to win. I hate that people say they are overrated. Sure there is some luck, but hardly to the point of getting 20 wins. having said all that. My order is: Snell, Verlander, Sale, Treinen, Kluber, Diaz
  15. The assumption is they won’t be bad when he returns
  16. That’s if it’s 4 weeks. Which seems like the worst case scenario. So worst case scenario and then add another week? Then the bye week. That’s what logical is to you? Hmmm. Ok. We don’t know.
  17. No. The probable outcome is 2-4 weeks, Unless we hear otherwise
  18. This is my understanding A grade 2 sprain is usually a 2-4 week absence. Assume the longer end. Expect him out a month. Gives him time to heal other injury. 4 weeks at most.
  19. Why no talk about 'Zona? Weird situation their. Box hasn't pitched a full inning in weeks. Several save ops too Bradley is poop...yada yada yada