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  1. came in before the 5th was over. Holds can only be awarded when a save is in line. I've had this argument before.
  2. no one. They've been winging it for awhile now
  3. IMO, IP and ERA matter the most, then wins are a close third. Losses, K’s and WHIP, sometimes saves, after that. Wins show that you have pitched well enough into games to give your team a chance to win. I hate that people say they are overrated. Sure there is some luck, but hardly to the point of getting 20 wins. having said all that. My order is: Snell, Verlander, Sale, Treinen, Kluber, Diaz
  4. The assumption is they won’t be bad when he returns
  5. That’s if it’s 4 weeks. Which seems like the worst case scenario. So worst case scenario and then add another week? Then the bye week. That’s what logical is to you? Hmmm. Ok. We don’t know.
  6. No. The probable outcome is 2-4 weeks, Unless we hear otherwise
  7. This is my understanding A grade 2 sprain is usually a 2-4 week absence. Assume the longer end. Expect him out a month. Gives him time to heal other injury. 4 weeks at most.
  8. Aguilar, Asdrubal Cabrera(NL only), Dominguez, Ozuna, Voit, Jeffress, Cano, Giles, Castellanos, Will Smith, Franco, Hand, Polanco, Andujar, Torres, Odor, Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner, Machado (NL only), Crawford (NL only), Derek Rodriguez (NL only), Buehler, Bregman, Donaldson, Kershaw Those are guys I added or dropped (or traded for) that had a big say in one of my teams record this season. I'm sure I missed a few. I'm not sure why you have such a problem with this.
  9. you are just too quick. i posted and then edited in like 5 seconds. my original post had mistakes in it. Andujar is NOT a FAR better hitter than Didi. One can argue either way. Please stop with that. Don't use a 4 month sample size to support your logic. It's close
  10. middle of 6th I said. Brilliant move by Boone. 4 innings of way better defense with a 4-0 lead. Didi is no worse hitter than Andujar with the lefty out of game
  11. it was middle of 6th and it was smart. up 4-0 . defense was more important than offense. Plus, he was replaced in line up by Didi. Nothing lost on offense. It was a no brainer move
  12. defense get used to it he will be leaving games, when up in 7th or later, ROS get used to it. It's why they got Hech
  13. traded Kershaw and junk for Tanaka, Murphy, and Torres at ASB
  14. Why no talk about 'Zona? Weird situation their. Box hasn't pitched a full inning in weeks. Several save ops too Bradley is poop...yada yada yada
  15. totally Smith's, just been no save ops. Nothing murky at all.
  16. that's because I criticized him. Always happens. I said Story wasn't a legit MVP candidate and look at last night. BTW' Votto should retire. Murphy and Greinke have been lucky this year. just saying.
  17. of course, I'm just saying maybe the Gods will smile on him and he can go 4-0 down the stretch? The more he pitches the better chance he has at more wins
  18. He just can’t be a regular catcher anymore. I think Severino wants to strangle him. He is pathetic.
  19. I’ve always thought they should count for something. Losses too. Better to be 12-8 than 10-10. Just like K’s and WHIP. It’s just one of the stats. ERA is most important