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  1. Jansen not traveling to Colorado, and as an owner in 3 money leagues, I’m not upset at all. If course I’m glad it’s prior to fantasy playoffs
  2. I think cards had just traded for Matt Adams. Plus Shreve and Gallegos are hardly “practically nothing “. Losing Shreve has hurt a little so far. A few times yanks could’ve used him. No one has expected this out of Voit. In fact he was sent down. So now, of course it looks great. 20/20 hindsight. i doubt Bird goes anywhere. Except to the minors maybe.
  3. Not sure about that. Yanks don’t have the 1B depth in system. Not a good idea to give up on Bird quite yet. For this year? Yes. Not for good. Hold him. Don’t sell low.
  4. No. Betances been closer last 4 of 5 times now. As has been mentioned previously in this forum. Robertson once, only because Betances was unavailable. Betances seems to be de facto closer. As evidenced by usage. FYI: pitching top 9 of tie game = closer for this instance.
  5. I see no reason why it would. They are trying to get him as many starts as possible. Their only mission is getting deGrom a CY Young award. I think he’s pitching every 5th day, going forward. Off days included.
  6. Please don’t risk it Kenley. I keep thinking of Hank Gathers.
  7. good all around player. WAR is very subjective. Can't really judge by that. I like Hicks. But who is considered underrated? Is Haniger underrated? I think Haniger, Gennett, Yelich, Rosario, Merrifield, Brantley, Castellanos and Markakis can all be considered as underrated, if not more.
  8. Now he needs to be a bit less selective. He takes too may 3rd strikes.
  9. i think Jeffress and Hader have that in control.
  10. Notify me when he rounds second base, should be after Thanksgiving dinner. No pun intended (since he is on the tribe now)
  11. Totally crazy bro, yet he is still doing better than the back of his baseball card. Like wow. How does that happen? Are there really like slumps and hot streaks? Not according to advanced metrics. Tell me it ain't so. noooooooooooooooooooo.
  12. That was the point of my question. If he makes another start, they are basically saying he isn't in their post season plans. His innings will be used up in September. Have you heard anything, or are you just looking at the schedule?
  13. IMO, it's only a 3 man race if Ohtani makes 3 or 4 more starts and pitches well enough. If not, then it's between Andujar and Torres. Torres ahead of Andujar, by a little
  14. anyone know the plan for him going forward? He looks to have about 25 innings left in him. Will he move to pen, after this start, for the playoffs, or will they max him out as an SP in September?
  15. What about usage of Boxberger last 3 outings? Twice he didn't start the 9th. He finished and got 2 outs, 4 straight K's. Last night 2 walks then a sac, and he gets pulled. Bradley lets both score and has been pretty bad for awhile. Any thoughts going forward?
  16. And one of Robertson’s saves was in a 7 inning rain shortened game, where he pitched the 7th
  17. a whole week break? Quite extreme, I would say.
  18. That’s now. When he said it, that wasn’t the case. A lot has changed in the past 6 games. Torres has been on fire. IMO, Torres is definitely RoY over Andujar, he has shown to be a better all around baseball player. We will see about Ohtani though. Andujar should be third in the end. Still 25 or so more games to decide. Like we saw a lot can change in a little time.
  19. #2 in AL probably. I take that back, he should be the AL CY Young favorite now. Who knows when Sale is coming back? Who tops him in NL? deGrom, Nola, and Scherzer that’s it. He’s definitely top 5 this year, probably 4. If fact, he and Nola have equivalent stats. Nola pitches in the NL, so he has more K’s and a better WHIP. If not for the Yankees, Snell would have a deGrom type ERA
  20. I wouldn’t say that. He was used in the 9th Friday, because Betances was unavailable. Robertson pitched the 7th on Thursday. Betances the 9th on, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  21. We can agree to disagree. Let the thread move on.
  22. The mind can play tricks with your body. Throwing a baseball, in an MLB game, is different that throwing a baseball in any other activity. The end of your statement is totally false.
  23. The Yankees are just being over cautious after stating Judge will be back after 3 weeks, when he was first injured. Nothing has changed regarding Chapman’s injury. Still no timetable
  24. True, forgot about them moving JRam to 2b. Maybe Donaldson will see semi-regular PT. Like 4-5 starts a week or so. They need to see what they got for the post season