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  1. These complainers must’ve missed something this week. Bird is now a bench player who gets an occasional start.
  2. You’re playing with my words. He has his role built into his contract. As in a pitcher and part time batter. Yes, I believe that is built into his contract 100%. Are you insinuating he signed with angels without a pitcher/batter stipulation? Lol. I may be wrong about the SP part, that is where my “guessing” came in.
  3. Do you think Ohtani had just a normal FA contract? I think Ohtani has a lot to say how and when he pitches.
  4. I’m just guessing. But I think Ohtani has a clause in his contract that he decides if and when he pitches when healthy. Something loosely based. Why are are you making it sound like every player?
  5. Your guess is as good as any. Mine is, he wants too and his contract says he will, if he wants too, and the doctors say he can. IMO, the angels have little say.
  6. Probably would make the most sense. I think they see him as more of a once a week starter. I think it’s more of what he wants, still. They had to bow down to him for him to sign with them. Not sure what is in his contract. Maybe his contract says he starts once per week and is in lineup 3x per week, whenever possible? Something like that.
  7. wirh everyone healthy and Bird still sucking, I can see Bird being left off the playoff roster. Voit is now the, mostly, everyday 1B
  8. He already has. I assume Stanton and Sanchez will mostly DH. With a struggling Gardner also riding the pine vs lefties
  9. He hasn’t thus far. Voit has clearly taken over. Bird has 3 starts in 7 games. Or 2 in 5 games. Voit has started 6 of 7. The yanks have a 3 man bench. Back up C, Torreyes and one other. It’s been mostly Bird lately.
  10. I agree with this, except we may have to wait until his 3rd start for 90 pitches, which is perfect for players with first round byes. Ohtani will probably pitch every Sunday ROS. I think that’s the plan
  11. A contusion is another name for a bruise. Not sure what you mean by “isn’t anything to screw with”. Donaldson has a strained left calf muscle. That’s a bit more serious than a bruise.
  12. He was on pace for a 30-90 season before he first hurt his groin. Not bad for a catcher having a bad season. I’ll take that production going forward. I’ve had to use John Hicks and Taylor Ward as fill ins.
  13. According to Michael Kay, Aaron Boone said Gary Sanchez should be activated Saturday.
  14. Sorry. We aren’t very good this year. Except for a good 41-13 stretch. There’s always next year
  15. Indians, Astros, Red Sox, A’s may all be better. I’m a yankee fan. Better than M’s and all NL teams
  16. I see a 38-35 team after tonight. One that doesn’t get out of WC round.
  17. Sanchez should be back next week, so should Didi
  18. 50/50 wager. He’s been great. Other than two appearances. 1 baserunner last 3 outings
  19. A year long bad stretch. 38-34. Other than one 41-13 stretch. How good are they?
  20. At this point I don’t really see him being called up this year.
  21. Sure it is DL worthy. If he misses one start, that is 10 days, why not DL him and add a player? It’s logical.