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  1. I just joined as soon as I see it’s full I will pay I don’t wanna deal with what I just had to over the weekend with a league not filling up up
  2. Looking for a 30 dollar draft some point and time tonight any out there with leaguesafe
  3. Will not let anyone join stating the draft has already started
  4. Send me an invite ryanmag06@yahoo.com I’m interested
  5. Not sure what is going on but I can’t access the team at all on ESPN it doesn’t even say I have a team or let me accept anything
  6. It’s not allowing me to join saying the draft is in progress now and there is still 12 people in the league when I did another league idk if yahoo is different you have to switch the team owner to my email
  7. I like being on the hit list also hopefully you get that season started off with a loss from me lol
  8. Yeah there is 12 ppl in it already someone needs to be kicked whoever isn’t paying or responding
  9. Ryanmag06@yahoo.com will pay if I get invite already have money in leaguesafe acct
  10. Murman how much is buy in for your draft tonight
  11. Come on one more person to start this league in 45 minutes 100 dollars is not a lot