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  1. I'm down, if you are this time? Post a link that allows people to pay their LS without an invite.
  2. Played in this last season and playing again this year. Fantastic league that was ran to perfection!
  3. I'm fairly certain there is 1 spot remaining. Please get in touch with the Commish to secure your spot. Draft is tomorrow!
  4. There is. I'm the guy that had to bail because I can't make it to the draft. Great league!
  5. We have 1 opening for Pure Flex, which is in it's 8th season. Draft is Sunday, Sept 1, at 7:30 PM ET. Message me on here or shoot me an email, which is my Username + @gmail.com - 100% Payouts via teamstake.com - As soon as your league fee is paid, I will send you an ESPN league invite. There's a link below to make your payment, or you can message me if you want me to send you an invite. League Name: Pure Flex 2019 Host Site: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=883112 League Scoring and Settings: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=883112&seasonId=2019 Teams: 12 Type: ESPN, Redraft, PPR, H2H + Total Points, Fractional Scoring, 11 Starters, 9 Bench (listed below) Draft Time: Sunday, September 1st, 7:00 PM Eastern Time Draft Type: Snake draft, 20 rounds, 90 second timer. As soon as we have 12 members paid in full, the draft order will be randomly generated using https://fftoolbox.fulltimefantasy.com/draft_order_generator.cfm - Once submitted, fftoolbox will email all 12 league members the draft order at the same time. Teams will then be able to trade draft picks if they choose. We are using this method because ESPN only gives you the option to randomize your draft order 1 hour prior to the draft with no trading of draft picks. Buy In: $180 (100% Payouts) Total Payouts = $2160 ($180 x 12) 1st = $800 - 2nd = $300 – 3rd = $100 - 4th = $50 - Total Points = $300 Weekly High Position = $325 ($25 x 13) The highest scoring player for each week of the regular season (1-13) at the QB, RB, WR and TE positions will be awarded $5. The highest scoring player out of all of these positions will receive a bonus of $5, a total of $10. Weekly High Team Score = $275 ($20 x 13 + $25) Each week of the regular season (1-13) the team with the most total points for that week will be awarded $20. The team with the highest weekly score for the entire regular season will be awarded a bonus of $25. Payment/Payout Service: We will be using www.teamstake.com - At the end of the fantasy season, a majority vote (via teamstake) will determine payouts to the winners. Payment Link: https://teamstake.com/league/league_detail/10/0/2422/payment Divisions and Regular Season Schedule: The regular season will begin week 1 and run through the 13th week of the NFL season. There will be 3 divisions with 4 teams per division. Every teams’ division placement is determined by the draft order once it is randomly generated. Picks 1-4 are in in Division 1, 5-8 Division 2, and 9-12 in Division 3. Each team plays their division opponents twice. Weeks 1-3 and 11-13 will be divisional match-ups. Weeks 4-10 will be non-division match ups and you play all but 1 team in the league. Playoffs: The playoffs will begin week 14 and run through week 16 of the NFL season. Six teams will qualify. The 2 division winners with the best records will receive the top 2 seeds and 1st round byes. The division winner with the worst record will receive the 3rd seed. If 2 or more teams have identical records, the tiebreaker will go to the team with the most total points. Seeds 4, 5 and 6 (wild cards) will be awarded to the 3 teams with the most Total Points, regardless of record or division. The tiebreaker will be overall record. Consolation Round (3rd and 4th Place): The two teams that lose in the semi-finals will play each other the following week (week 16) for 3rd and 4th place. These teams will not be permitted to place waiver wire bids seeing that two teams will still be competing for the Championship. However, the two Consolation teams may place $0 bids on Sunday if they choose. Trades: All trades will require a 24-hour league review period before being finalized. Within that time frame league members may veto a trade if they choose. Five vetoed votes are required to overturn a trade. Waiver Wire Transactions: Blind bidding will be used to acquire free agents from the waiver wire (WW). Each team will have a $1,000 budget. Minimum bids are 0 dollars and maximum bids can be your entire budget. Once the money is gone, it's gone, but you can still bid 0 dollars to add someone if your budget is at 0. Except for Tuesday, all blind bids will be processed at 12 PM ET. Teams that do not make the playoffs are not permitted to make WW pickups. Once a playoff team is eliminated, they also are not permitted to place WW bids. In-Season Suspensions: In the case where a player gets suspended in-season, we will have a ‘Suspended Players List.’ Once the suspension is official, you may drop that player from your team, returning them to the free agent pool. No other team will be permitted to add that suspended player to their team at that time. Once the suspension has been served, you may place the suspended player back on your team before his first game back. Do this the same way you acquire free agents from the free agent pool. If you don’t place the previously suspended player back on to your roster, he will become an available free agent following his first game played coming of suspension, and the 11 other teams may now roster him. This rule does not apply to suspended players heading into the regular season. Lineups: 20 Roster spots. Weekly Starters = 11 Bench Players = 9 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 PK 1 Def/ST 1 RB or WR (flex option) 1 WR or TE (flex option) 1 RB or WR or TE (flex option) 9 Bench 4 Injured Reserve
  6. message me if you need an invite. My username + @gmail.com