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  1. What hurt thing? he has 6 hrs and 10rbis in the last 6 games lol
  2. Dude has raised his avg by .80 since the end of May, which was basically his spring training. It’s actually very realistic to assume he’d be hitting north of .330-340 if he was healthy and had time to prepare for the season. His game is incredible at the moment. Hitting the ball pole-to-pole which is usually a great sign.
  3. And now 5 for his last 9. Probably end up being the starting 2B in the all star game.
  4. They need to create another league for him at this point. Just have him face top 5 pitchers because everything else is a joke.
  5. He’s on another level atm. The Angels need pitching so badly (would easily be a playoff team with even decent starting pitching) and he has an elite arm. But how can you leave him out of the daily lineup as a hitter when he plays like this.
  6. This is very similar to last year when he started to figure things out and looked like a top 5 hitter in baseball. He's batting .440 with 5 hrs in his last 10 games.
  7. 6 hrs this month so I guess the answer is now.
  8. I was wondering the same but he has been sliding feet first. That wasn't why he was thrown out though. In each case it was because of a bad read on his part, which is something he needs to improve on. He's way too fast to get thrown out in the two ways he did.
  9. He is absolutely raking at the moment. Unfortunately he got thrown out at 3rd and home yesterday. Would have been the tying run in each case.
  10. Kind of an incredible find for the Angels. Literally a last second pickup because Upton got hurt and he playing better than Upton ever has. He has 13 hrs in 74 games a few years ago so we know he has the ability to hit for power. I doubt he’s actually this good (all star level) but how can you play Calhoun over him when Upton comes back if he is still playing even close to this level?
  11. Yet another fantastic start to the year. Great first two games. Dude just delivers.
  12. Well deserved ROY. Can't wait to see what he does moving forward.
  13. I don't think it's a stretch to say that he is the best defensive guard in the game atm. This article outlines it and it's crazy to see who he has been asked to guard as a PG.
  14. I had Turner last year and I was surprised they didn't play Sabonis more. Now it's just dumbfounding.
  15. This went from a few games to nobody knows. His all around value has been great the past two years but I'm starting to doubt he'll be given the minutes and usage even once he returns.