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  1. How can two people have a shot at the first back to back champion? 🤔
  2. 2 QB league and I started Danny dimes and Dalton vs his LJ and Winston 😎
  3. I have Njoku and I’m rolling with him instead. Maybe Baker will bring him new life. One of the reason I’m doing it is bc I have Jordan Howard and starting 2 bears doesn’t seem right.
  4. I agree, people are going too far with this Hue is a terrible coach narrative. Taking everything he says or does and spinning it into a negative. With his statements after the game he’s just trying to protect Tyrod.
  5. How much FAAB out of 100 for Russell Wilson? I have Jimmy G right now and it’s my first year doing FAAB I would appreciate any help.
  6. This right here. Philly has a tough defense. It was encouraging to see Freeman checking back in so much once Atlanta got close to scoring
  7. When did he decide this? Last year Coleman would come in for entire series while Freeman would get the next one. Freeman was actually in a lot before he got injured, much more than I remember seeing him in last year.