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  1. check email for link to sleeperbot fantasy site

  2. 3 openings in this League 9/12 reserved. I just signed in for 1st time.
  3. BTW E-check super Easy. Just lookup your Routing & Acct Number to process in 4 days.
  4. i joined league, so bring on the draft. Your 2TE strategy in early rounds may payoff in this format. Later Vulu
  5. Vulu, I was in Concussion League with you and you withdrew after draft? 1) How is Year 2 draft order? Reverse of standings? 2) Why do TE get 1.0PPR vs 0.5PPR for RB/WR? rico91@yahoo.com
  6. I'm Street Survivors in your Concussion Free League. Will do Dynasty League, but concerned about 7:30 EST start. Maybe 30min later?? rico91@yahoo.com PS That Vulu Team Mgr is a loser for taking a refund of $25 geesh!
  7. Im willing able to pay and draft within 30mi, New Dynasty League sounds fun as well!
  8. rico91@yahoo.com if an opening or someone doesnt pay
  9. Participated in auction league last year but Commissioner kept funds and cbs league disbanded. Interested in Omaha Dynasty. When is draft? email me at rico91@gmail.com thx