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  1. Horrendous start for Rivers. Looks like the Chargers didn't show up for this one. Wouldn't be surprised if they mail it in. Rivers will be pulled at half.
  2. Titans are just stuffing the box. Kessler is no passing threat. Wouldnt be surprised if Bortles comes in to try and spice things up.
  3. What are the thoughts on Sony this weekend? Tough matchup against a stout Minny D.
  4. Aside from the off-field issues, and possible suspension, two things worry me about this guy: 1) Jets added Pryor to their receiving corps which could take some targets away from Anderson, and 2) I think Darnold will be day 1 starter and it remains to be seen if they have same chemistry that Anderson had with McCown last year. So, not quite sold that he will match or surpass the success he had last year.
  5. Whats the word on this guy? Is he healthy? Havent heard much from Saints camp regarding his status.