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  1. Need to start one of them. Already starting Allen and Williams so might not want too many chargers...
  2. Benched this week. Cant take another 2 catch game
  3. It was 3rd and 4 with two minutes to go. If they get the 4 yards they would have taken the knee. But it went for a td instead.
  4. Just lost by 1.5 points. I had Gallup with those Pi calls in the endzone. He had Cooper and Drake. We get a 3 point bonus at 100 yards rushing then again at 150. So that final run got him 19 points in my league to win. After he needed the Cooper TD also. Unreal. You would think after playing this s---y hobby for 37 years I would have quit by now but keep coming back for more abuse.
  5. Keep throwing the ball instead of handing it to the fumbler. Mahomes TD pass!!!!!!!!
  6. Mahomes 1st drafted QB... Kelce 1st drafted TE... Hill top 5 drafted WR... And CEH owners want them to run the ball into the endzone??? Mahomes owners we be the ones that have a right to complain.
  7. Just needs the tds added in to be top a top ppr rb
  8. But but but Fournette is the man. Just check week 2.