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  1. Jay Buhner had a 3 year run with 40+ hr's, 120 rbi's, 100 runs, and good obp.
  2. I did not think of him as a HOFer...Few dominant years I felt but over his about 20 years I only loved him a few. But just top of head and not looking at stats.
  3. Well he is in if not the cheating thing. Like adding Bonds/A-rod to this list.
  4. Robb Nen averaged 40 saves a year over a 7 year span.
  5. Curt Schilling 7 k's away(one year) from having four 300+ K seasons.
  6. Andres Galarraga...96-98 three years were amazing for a 1b. 132 hr's, 411 rbi's, 342 runs, 40 sb, 381 obp.
  7. Juan Gonzalez....Had him as a keeper forever....In 1998 I remember him hitting a 2 or 3 run HR in the final game before the all star break to give him 101 RBI before the break.
  8. My keeper league is still drafting sunday night. Then we can work on trades while we wait.
  9. In keeper he is in tier of his own. 1st.. Other guys are old. But still 4th in redraft leagues.
  10. Hit them all in the head. Give back the rings and then people might forgive.