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  1. All players involved banned for life. BlackSox.
  2. LOL at astro apologists saying it was not a big deal. Did you watch how close the games in the world series were.....Maybe if your team got robbed of the title you would care more. They need to be stripped. Punishment is not close to severe enough yet.
  3. They forgot to strip the titles also...Dodgers get both world series victories.
  4. Bieber, Moncada, Mondesi, Huira.
  5. Keep Blackmon. Win now. People get too caught up in trying to win the keeper battle instead of winning the league title sometimes.
  6. If you need pitching I take Buehler
  7. Yordan side easily. Also take side A in the first deal
  8. Yes but without the keepers option yet. Or setting up your own leagues exact settings. Hopefully soon.